12 Introverts Open Up and Talk About What Annoys Them

You know what annoys me?

People who constantly ask introverts what they’re thinking and what makes them tick.

But today we’re gonna do it in another way…by getting them to write out their answers on Reddit. And we think you’ll find the answers to be very interesting…

Folks on AskReddit who happen to be introverts talked about what annoys them the most.

1. Be mindful.

“I love people. I’m also annoyed by way too many people.

My roommate is a good dude, but he’s extroverted and most of the time when we talk he just will. Not. Shut. Up.

It annoys me so much. I love people, I just wish a lot more people were mindful about their socialization.”

2. No more of that.

“I don’t drink, i finally agreed to go to a bar with some friends, only if they didn’t pester me about having “just one, com on!”, they did.

I left and never went anywhere with them again.”

3. It is what it is.

“The assumption that it’s something that needs fixing.

That had just occurred to me. “I expect she’ll come out of her shell when she’s older.” And “Sil, never says boo to a goose, what are we going to do with you?” All sound suspiciously like “you just haven’t met the right guy yet”.”

4. Here it comes…

“The guilt tripping after you say no to plans.

And the way it feels like you have to have an excuse for being busy rather than just not wanting to go, just to avoid the guilt tripping.”

5. Not the same.

“When people clump introverts together with social awkwardness/social phobia/agoraphobia.

They’re not the same thing.”

6. Nothing personal.

“It’s so hard to make people understand that I just can’t relax around them.

It’s nothing personal I’m just more comfortable by myself.”

7. Gotta recharge.

“When people dont understand “recharge” time is a real thing.

My dad, sister, and I are total introverts. When we have big family party’s we usually slip out quietly to go recharge for a second in solitude.

Always end up finding each other in an empty room and laugh at ourselves for doing the same thing.”

8. Gotta plan it out.

“Thwarted expectations for time alone. We’re planning to go out, spend time together? No problem. I’ll rest up for it.

But you let me think I’ve got a night/day/weekend to myself, or our thing will be over at 7 and now it’s 9:30 with no sign of ending soon, I’m going to be irritated as f**k.

I didn’t budget energy for this.”

9. It’s over!

“When I am completely socially and/or energy depleted, I’ve expressed my need for some quiet/alone time, and someone continues to try and talk to me.”

10. No self-awareness.

“Many people simply are not self aware.

Not sure if it’s due to ignorance, narcissism or something else altogether but either way it’s crazy to me that they don’t even think about what they are doing and how it affects others around them.”

11. Not socially awkward.

“The idea that being an introvert makes me asocial or socially awkward.

I’m not at all–I still like parties and going out and doing things, I just need lots of time alone to recharge my batteries.”

12. Gotta have it.

“My husband does this kind of s**t all the time.

My only day off? Oh, parents are coming over to help with this or that and they want to see me, so they need to come when you have the day off. Oh, I forgot to mention friend is swinging by. Oh, btw so and so is in town and it would be rude not to hang out with them. Don’t get me wrong, my husband is an extreme extrovert with PRINCIPLES.

He is truly an amazing friend and I love that about him but dear God I’ve got two extremely social jobs and I just want some peace. I don’t want to have to scoop the remnants of my personality off the floor and risk being the “b**chy wife” bc I just can’t do it. He’s gotten so much better over the years at understanding my needs, but it’s been a trip man.

I remember telling him “imagine I got you hyped for a fishing weekend with friends and then when you get all ready to go out the door I’m like, oh yeah, forgot to mention we’re not doing that. Put your s**t away”. I don’t think he realized how I don’t just need alone time, I get legit excited about it.”

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