12 Memes Guaranteed to Make You Crack a Smile

Hey now, why so glum? Feeling blue? Angry at the world? Let’s take a moment to decompress.

Sometimes self-care looks like taking five deep breaths. Sometimes it looks like yoga. And sometimes it looks like memes.

If you’re looking for a lift, these 12 memes just might make you crack a smile.

1. What marks a true friendship

Did you hear that Tiffany got caught cheating on Matt? Omg let me tell you all about it…

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2. It’s called a “coping mechanism”

And yes, I know, if I saw a therapist, I could learn some healthier ones.

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3. No turning back now

You made your choice.

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4. God, I hope not

Brings a whole new meaning to “baby-faced.”

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5. We all do this, right?

Listening to music or meditating might make for a more relaxing moment of self-care.

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6. Hey, me too

This is why leggings are a thing.

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7. Happiness is morning and evening

Daytime and nighttime tooooo.

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8. I feel seen

In more ways than one.

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9. hOWL-ow can you go?

The expression on that last one.

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10. Do I want the salad or the pasta?

What did the person before me order? Ah, I’ll just get the same thing!

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11. Food pwease

May I have some more?

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12. I hope they’re ok

I’d feel somewhat responsible if they’re not…

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Wasn’t that nice?

Your problems haven’t been fixed, but maybe now that you’ve taken a moment to step away from whatever is stressing you out, you can go back to it with a clearer head and a lighter heart.

Or, if you’re still feeling anxious, try calling up that close friend for some hot gossip.

Do you ever get stressed when ordering a meal? Let us know in the comments!