12 Men Share Advice They Have for Other Men

A lot of guys out there aren’t comfortable asking their male friends or co-workers for life advice so today we’re gonna get the next best thing…

Men offering other men advice on AskReddit!

Guys, this is a safe space so feel free to soak up all this information and apply it to your daily lives.

Get started now!

1. It’s a good thing.

“Never be afraid to admit your mistakes.

Even more, be the first to admit them, don’t wait for someone to point it out.”

2. Let her vent.

“She doesn’t always want you to try to solve her problems, sometimes she just needs to vent.”

3. Be natural.

“If you’re not good at talking to women then you’ll find it easier if you don’t have your head stuck in the goal that you want them to become a s**ual partner.

That can potentially cause overthinking and can lead you into saying or doing something dumb. Talk to them like you’re simply trying to make a new friend and the rest will come naturally.”

4. Very important.

“Work out.

Whatever that means to you, do it. 10 mins on the treadmill each day? An hour in a VR workout? Tryna get Arnold-Big? Whatever it is, incorporate a comfortable level of exercise into your life. If for nothing other than strengthening yourself mentally.

Movement is the enemy of depression.

Start now and do it often.”

5. Let it go.

“Guys, if she wants to leave you for someone else, let them.

Don’t pull any games or manipulations, just let her go.

There’s a very good reason for her leaving.”

6. Good stuff.

“Don’t build your whole personality around one thing.

It doesn’t matter if it’s metal, anime, a specific social or political cause, your career aspirations, etc.

It’s awesome if you care about those things, but you’ll be a happier and more interesting person if you diversify.”

7. Be social.

“Your social life is more important than you probably realize.

Good friends are critical for your mental health. And the more people you know, the easier finding a job will be–because you’ll have more chances for referrals to job openings.

The most successful job searchers I know aren’t shut-ins who spent their college years locked in a dorm room with a textbook–they balanced academics with a healthy social life.”

8. It’ll make a difference.

“Proper skin care and sunscreen.

The earlier you start, the better you’ll age.

Trust me, it makes a *huge* difference by the time you reach your mid-20s.”

9. Skip the bars.

“Barhopping is the most overrated activity on earth.

If you don’t like it, it’s not because there’s something wrong with you. It’s because it f**king sucks.

And if you’re straight, it’s literally the worst way to meet a partner.”

10. Floss ’em!

“Floss every day.

Don’t get in the habit of drinking soda when a glass of water will quench your thirst.”

11. Enjoy yourself.

“Happiness is unattainable, just like tomorrow never comes. If you always say, “I’ll be happy when…”, you never will be.

Learn to live in the present, and take joy in the now. Have goals, sure, if you want them, but no one is promised tomorrow, so treasure today.”

12. You got this.

“Take a chance on yourself.

Thinking about making that big career move? Thinking about trying a new hobby you’re afraid you’ll suck at? Afraid if meeting new people? Afraid of asking out that girl you’ve been eyeing?

Take a chance. You won’t know until you try or after it’s too late. You only live once. Shoot your shot.”

Do you have any advice for men you’d like to share?

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