12 Movie Details You Won’t Believe You Missed

Image Credit: Disney

If you think you’re a movie guru – or that you never miss the tiniest detail – you might be thinking twice after you scroll through this list of 12 details most people miss (and theories they never come up with!).

#12. The rubble in Thor: Ragnarok provides an important piece of foreshadowing.

Image Credit: Disney/Marvel

It foretells Thor’s eventual injury.

#11. The door on Luke’s hut in The Last Jedi has a special meaning.

Image Credit: Disney Films

It was salvaged from his old X-Wing fighter.

#10. Bruce Almighty calling himself a “false god.”

Image Credit: Universal Pictures

During the wild party scene, Bruce rests his arm on a golden calf and references the “sin of the calf” from the Bible…in which the golden calf signifies a false god.

#9. The potion Ursula takes to transform into Vanessa contains a butterfly.

Image Credit: Disney Films

“Vanessa” is a genus of butterfly.

#8. The makers of the latest Halloween didn’t miss single detail.

Image Credit: Universal Pictures

Right down to the circular scar on his neck where Laurie stabbed him 40 years earlier.

#7. Daisies are everywhere in John Wick.

Image Credit: Summit Entertainment

Every time Helen is mentioned, there’s a daisy present (even the dog’s name is Daisy).

#6. The word “cuss” takes the place of any and all curse words in Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

It’s even spray-painted as graffiti.

#5. Deadpool 2 made Ruth Bader Ginsberg a superhero.

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

Her headshot is among the X-Force applications and “Notorious R.B.G.” is written under her photo.

#4. In Ratatouille, restaurant critic Anton Ego’s typewriter is in a very telling shape.

Image Credit: Disney/Pixar

It’s a skull, because his reviews are killer.

#3. The way Andy writes his names on his toys’ feet has significance.

Image Credit: Disney/Pixar

The ‘N’ is backward on Woody’s boot but not Buzz’s, showing how Andy is growing up.

#2. There’s physical proof that the “one ring” is getting heavier around Frodo’s neck.

Image Credit: New line Cinema

Once they’re inside Mount Doom, he’s got visible sores and bruises on his neck.

#1. There’s a reason Marvin the Martian is the referee in Space Jam.

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

He’s both a toon and an alien, so he’s totally impartial.

Did you know them all? I know I didn’t!