12 Oblivious People Who Were Absolutely Cringeworthy in Really Fancy Places

Image Credit: Pixabay

I’m from the Midwest, so I know all about being relaxed and chill and you know, generally not fancy at all. That said, there are definitely situations that call for minding your manners, and dinner out at a place where your meal costs as much as your next car payment definitely fits the bill.

Unfortunately, these 12 people so did not get the memo.

They told on themselves to Twitter, though, after @blgtylr and @nicole_cliffe shared their own faux pas and encouraged others to do the same.


Here we go. You’ve been warned.

#15. I…also did this.


#14. Howwwwww?

#13. Wrong on so many levels.

#12. My god.

#11. Bless your heart.

#10. Dying to know if there was a date number two.

#9. Now that’s awkward.

#8. I’m pretty sure this was a Seinfeld episode.

#7. Ugh that makes me gag.


#6. What a good soul that waiter had.

#5. Should have ordered the large.


#4. I would have died. From laughing.

#3. That’s how she got the guy, ladies and gents.


#2. I hope you enjoyed the crap out of that.


#1. A germaphobe’s worst nightmare.

Be yourselves, people, but also, have a little respect. Like your mama taught you.