12 of the Greatest Tweets Ever Tweeted

Photo Credit: iStock

Twitter can really be TOO MUCH sometimes. When literally everyone with an internet connection has a platform for every single one of their half-baked ideas (as long as it fits into 280 characters), you’re bound to come across some duds.

But other times, Twitter’s uninhibited atmosphere makes for some 10/10 jokes. Over the years, certain tweets have become downright iconic.

The official @Twitter account asked people to share their pick for “the GREATEST tweet,” and people’s responses are just the best (as you’d imagine). Celebrity Twitter accounts are some of the funniest of all, apparently β€” especially before social media management was a thing.

1. Shaq

2. Jack from Twitter

3. Louis Tomlinson

4. Britney Spears

5. 50 Cent


6. Stephen A. Smith

7. A guy from NASA


8. The baked beans tweet

9. Mariah Carey

10. Lady Gaga

11. This moon tweet

12. Post Malone

An excellent question, Post Malone. I hope you found out.