15 People Confess the Local “Thing” They’re Supposed to Love but Actually Don’t

Image Credit: Pixabay

Like, what if you lived in NYC but hated the Yankees, Chicago and hated the pizza, LA and hated the movies, or Seattle and hated the rain? If so, you’d be in the same boat as these 12+ people who are fish out of water.

#15. It’s just not fun anymore.

“Fiesta… It’s a week long party like Mardi Gras here in San Antonio. It’s become overcrowded in the past 20 years and just not fun anymore. The frustration of parking, port a potties, and people stepping on you has taken the fun out of it.”

#14. The only Pakistani guy alive.

“I must be the only Pakistani guy who hates spicy food and cricket.”

#13. I just can’t get into it.

“Live in Alabama, so I’m supposed to like having sex with my sister but I just can’t get into it.”

#12. Are you allowed to say that?

“Communism. I live in China :(“

#11. Down the shore.

“Going “down the shore”.

EDIT: For all those who keep asking, yes, this is New Jersey.”

#10. No fish, please.

“I’m living very close to the baltic sea in northern germany and i absolutely hate eating fish.”

#9. Canada in winter.

“I’m Canadian and I fucking hate being cold, yet every time I’m anywhere else and it’s cold, people are shocked that I’m unhappy. “But you must be used to it!” Well, I’m not. I hate it and spend as little time in Canada in winter as possible.”

#8. Nothing but heavy traffic.

“Mardi Gras

I work in New Orleans. It just means really heavy traffic and alternate routes to me.”

#7. Everyone here loves them.

“Garbage plates. I live in upstate ny and everyone here loves them. I just cant get behind mac salad enough to actually enjoy a garbage plate. Everything else on them is right up my alley, but i just can’t do it.”

#6. No, I don’t.

“Wow, you live in Washington? You must love the rain!”

No, fuck no I dont. I live on the dry side of the state and love every second of it.”

#5. No going out.

“Going to night clubs. I live in Miami.”

#4. It’s just not my thing.

“Snow and weed. Colorado. I mean, you can smoke all the weed you want, it’s just not my thing.”

#3. I’d rather light myself on fire.

“I live in Minnesota and I guess I’m suppose to like hockey and doing things outside in the winter. I’d rather light myself on fire than go outside for longer than two minutes right now, at least I’d die warm.”

#2. Not at all.

“I live in Boston. I do not care about sports at all.”

#1. So bloody boring.

“I’m English and I just find the royal family so bloody boring.”

I mean, I’m not saying those are reasons to move, but…