12 People Discuss the Rules That Made Them Think “What Happened Here to Have This Rule Made”?

It’s always weird at work or school when you learn about a rule that is very specific and very bizarre.

It makes you say out loud, “what the hell happened to force someone to create this rule?”

And today we’re gonna find out the background behind a bunch of these!

Folks on AskReddit discussed the rules they’ve seen that made them question where they came from.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Wow.

“Years ago I had a queen mattress that had a warning label in all uppercase red lettering stating: WARNING: DO NOT SWALLOW.

Many, many times I’ve wondered who the individual responsible for this warning label is, and how much I’d like to shake their hand.”

2. Doing it in secret.

“I worked at an office that banned men from wearing women’s clothing, specifically jeggings.

I started wearing a women’s thong under my clothes. It felt pretty comfortable actually.”

3. That’s a bummer.

“It was against the rules to cook mac and cheese at my elementary school.

For some reason even though teachers were the only ones with access to a kitchen this applied to everyone.”

4. That didn’t end well.

“In our Catholic high school we are alternately seated so female male female male, to avoid talking to our seatmates and being loud.

Some 8th graders decided to do some lewd stuff not sure what but now all of the females are seated on the left side of the room and the boys are seated on the right.”

5. You did this!

“Do NOT climb into the lunch hall rafters.

I know because I’m the dumb f**k who managed to get up there and couldn’t get down.”

6. Kinda weird.

“We could not wear leggings without a shirt that goes past our middle finger.

Idk if you count that but I got in trouble for it way to many times.”

7. That’s too bad.

“Fryers are cleaned in the morning when the oil is cool instead of at night (like every other location in the chain) when the oil is still hot.

Turns out a dude decided to send it with the fryer cleaning brush one night when they wanted to close and go home within the hour, making hot oil come splashing out of the fryer and onto his body.

He had to go to the hospital for some pretty bad burns.”

8. Okay…

“”When showering after gym class always shower with a buddy (like you enter/leave together).

Never to this day know what that was about…”

9. Jailbreak!

“No speaking a language other than English in the hallways at an international boarding school.

Turns out some Chinese kids were openly plotting to run away from the school and well…they couldn’t have that.

Can you tell I had a great high school experience?”

10. Yikes.

“No mirrors in the school restroom.

Apparently the students in the school like to break the mirrors and use it as shank.

A lot of students were st**bed.”

11. Amazing.

“I worked at a water treatment plant.

There was a 5-gallon plastic bucket there that had this stenciled on it: “Do not use as a hard hat.””

12. The best and the brightest.

“Physics students here, for our subatomic experiments, our teacher give us a courses about security because we where going to use radioactive sources. On one slide of his courses we all read (and he read it out loud too).


I don’t know what the students years before us tried, but d**m…”

How about you?

Have you ever seen any rules that made you scratch your head?

Tell us about them in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!