12 People Who Honest-to-Goodness Found Their Own Face in a Museum

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You’ve heard, I’m sure, that there are likely people in the world who resemble you. Who might even look exactly like you – or close enough to freak you out, anyway. I suppose most people will never run across this so-called doppelgänger (though people have!), but I can tell you this – these 12 folks couldn’t have been more surprised to visit a museum and find their own faces staring right back from the walls.

It would be pretty weird, I admit. At least this way you get to experience it as a tickled third party!

#12. Must be weird to find you were a priest in a previous life.

Photo Credit: Reddit/MrPaulieP

#11. He’s got the outfit and everything omg.

Photo Credit: Reddit/scrmedia

#10. Imma need to see him in those tights to be sure.

Photo Credit: Reddit/pepesilvia

#9. I think it might mostly be the hair?

Photo Credit: Reddit/racoon_goon

#8. You have to buy her a dog now obviously.

Photo Credit: Twitter

#7. He was a collector of samurai artifacts, apparently. And it’s a PHOTO!

Photo Credit: Reddit/datman510

#6. Pretty convincing.

Photo Credit: Twitter

#5. This made me lol.

Photo Credit: Reddit/Itzakov

#4. This is so bizarre. I call time travel.

Photo Credit: Reddit

#3. Handsome no matter the wardrobe, it would seem.

Photo Credit: Reddit

#2. The beard game is eternally strong.

Photo Credit: Twitter

#1. Uncanny!

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