12 Tumblr Posts That Might Knock Your Whole World Off-Kilter

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I know, I know, that title, right? It’s a bold statement, but what the hell – some of these Tumblr posts live up to it, at least for me. Several of them did, in fact, make me stop and stare at nothing for a good 10-to-20 seconds while my mind adjusted to my new view of the world.

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Maybe you’re more worldly than me. It’s likely. But still…you know you want to read through these, just to be sure.

12. I think I prefer Earth in its natural state. Except when I’m home alone and I hear a weird noise.

11. Too bad it doesn’t work quite the same way

10. You guyssssssssss

Photo Credit: Tumblr,yelyahwilliams

9. I mean…Right?

Photo Credit: Tumblr,georgemallory

8. Do not read this in any mind-altered state

Photo Credit: Tumblr,zackisontumblr

7. This is strangely apropos

6. You can’t block the truth

Photo Credit: Tumblr,samael

5. I’m pretty sure that’s one of the signs that you’re in the Matrix

Photo Credit: Tumblr,backwardskid

4. Welp, no more lollipops for me

Photo Credit: Tumblr,chinese-zeus

3. The game never ends, my friends

2. And that’s going in my idea book

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1. I feel like this is probably the reason.

Photo Credit: Tumblr,lindsayetumbls

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