17 Ways People Royally Effed up Their Lives

All actions have consequences, both good and bad. Take a look at these AskReddit users’ stories of people they know who ruined their lives in a split second.

1. Drug References

Not me but a friend was in AP Chem and they were working with some Sodium-something and his classmate snorted it as a cocaine joke. He was rushed to the ER and now his risk for Nasal and Lung cancer is through the roof. His predicted lifespan is like mid 30s maybe early 40s now and it was all for a shitty drug reference.

2. Physical Assault

She went through 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, was about to finish her 4th and last year of residency, acquired hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt along the way… And blew it all after she physically assaulted somebody.

3. Not Drunk

My college roommate hit a patch of wet leaves on his motorcycle and hit the curb. The bike flipped and hit him in the chest. When the cops arrived he was disoriented and bruised but otherwise okay. The cops thought he was drunk and took him in. In the drunk tank he complained that he couldn’t breathe. The nurse looked him over and said he was fine. Later, he collapsed in his cell. The cops woke him up, handcuffed him and drove him to the hospital. When they got there, he was dead. Punctured lung. Suffocated.
He was 23 and a senior at a very good college. he worked full-time and paid his own way. He was funny and kind and empathetic. He was supposed to be someone important.
You’d think over time I would miss him less, but as I get older I just think of who he would be as an older person. As a parent I think of the wonderful kids denied a chance to exist because of the stupidity of multiple officers and it surprises me the visceral, primal sadness I still feel about his loss.

4. WHAT?

This happened in a 2 week period.
A friend of mine lost his kitchen job due to layoffs. Looked in the paper for a job he could get quick so he can make his bills, rent, etc. Finds a listing for a company looking for a driver/delivery person asap, he has a car so he figures it would be a good quick fix. Calls and gets the job over the phone and is told he starts the next evening. Gets a “company” cellphone and does his first pick-up. Turns out its an escort agency and he’s picking up and dropping off the talent. Does this for a few nights and starts getting to know the girls. Turns out they’re all addicted to crack – big surprise. They get the idea in his head that he’s doing all the ground work so he might as well post the ads himself and get his own phone and they’ll work for him. So we’re about week into this adventure and he’s gone from line cook to pimp. Fast forward a couple of days into pimping and he comes to the conclusion that all these girls spend their money on is crack so why not cut out the middle man and start paying them in what they want? He doesn’t know where to get crack but his kitchen buddies can hook him up with coke. Gets a bag of coke and googles how to make crack (yes really). Whips up a batch of kitchen crack and then is concerned that maybe he didn’t make it correctly – so logically he should try it first before giving it to his ladies. 36 hour crack binge later, he’s hooked and proceeds to sell off everything including the car and phone in the next few days. I dropped by his place to hang out around day 10 (I had no idea any of this was going on), he meets me at the door explains what he’s been up to for the past few days and says he doesn’t want me there unless I’d like to pay and hook up with one of the crackheads in his living room – strangely I declined.
Last time I saw him he was cracked out yelling at people for change on a downtown street.
14 days and his entire life turned to garbage.

5. Not the groom

At a bachelor party in Vegas doing a stripclub tour. We would always set a time to meet back at the limo before going to the next one. One dude fell in love and went into the VIP room with a dancer. Told him we were leaving after staying an extra 30 min. He waved us on and we left. Next morning we went back after he didn’t show at the hotel room. He was being “detained” by dancers for owing them 9k in lap dances but had maxed out all his cards and withdrew all his cash…. ON DANCES. That money was supposed to pay for his upcoming honeymoon.

6. Bar fight

My cousin’s husband got into a drunken fight outside a bar and punched the other guy pretty hard. Other guy fell, hit his head on the curb and died. Cousin’s husband is now in jail, she took their kids and got re-married. What makes it even worse is that the new husband is a total jackass so not only did those kids lose their dad, they’re now stuck with a dick for a step-dad.

7. Money talks

I was the catcher for a kid in my town who was a nasty pitcher from an early age. At 16 or 17 he could throw 90 mph fastballs, breaking balls, whatever. It was a bitch to catch and I had to keep a wet sponge inside my mitt in case I caught one directly in the palm.
He was drafted 12th overall by the Marlins and received a $1.8mil signing bonus that he got before he even went to spring training.
Ended up blowing over a million and a half on drugs and partying, developed a coke habit that turned into an oxy habit that turned into heroin. Lost his ability to play, lost his spot on the team and his shot at many millions of dollars.
It wasn’t exactly overnight but the dude wasted a mil and half plus everything he would have gotten had he continued his upward trajectory and it all happened in about 8 months.
edit: atrocious spelling.

8. The ex

My ex-wife. Had four beautiful kids (2 girls, twin boys), decent job, and an MBA with way more earning potential than she was at. Had bariatric surgery, got obsessed with the attention she received from losing weight (Instagram, etc), met some guy on this game she played, cheated, tried to make it work (my fault for not ending it), went on a trip for work, met some other guy, “fell in love” (meth and heroin), landed a surprisingly great job, got fired two months later for not performing and being late/”sick” all the time, double deposited her paychecks at least twice. Now she’s awaiting trial for 4 felonies, presumably still doing drugs, and has no right to see the kids because I refuse to let them see her around that shit. She makes no effort to see them and blames everyone else for her problems.
Don’t do drugs, kids. Or be a self-obsessed ever-victim.

9. All for free pizza

This kid I know, his cousin gave him a gun over the holidays as a present. So this dumbass ordered pizza with his friends and instead of paying they robbed the delivery guy. Again this is after they gave the address and name for the order. So now because he just turned 18 he’s being tried as an adult and faces like 10 yrs or more for being stupid.

10. Car surfing

When I was in college, I had a job at a local supermarket. One of my colleagues left at the beginning of summer as she was headed to uni in the autumn. Next thing I know, she’s in the papers because she was driving a car whilst someone was “car surfing” on it and the guy died. Saw her in the shop a couple weeks after it happened and she looked a mess. I believe she went to prison, but not sure how long for.

11. Cliff jumping

We were about 17 and me and my friends went to a beach house for summer. Well, there was a cliff, not so big one, should be around 5 meters high, and one of my friends decided to run and jump without check how deep the sea was. Long story short, i had a lot of rocks and he broke his back, he didn’t fuck his life, but lost both his legs.

12. Snapped

Not me but my dad, when he was at college one of his friends snapped after an argument with his mother and slit her throat, as well as killing his two little cousins who his mum was babysitting.
This was 38 years ago, and he’s still in prison.

13. This guy is a criminal.

There was a kid (we’ll call him jerry) I went to school with who I thought was a perfectly nice guy. Jerry was kind of known as the flamboyant gay kid In my school. He was good at school, had lots of friends, was well known in the community, and had just recently been accepted to an extremely good college. Just a few weeks ago Jerry went to a party and intentionally got a 17 year old kid so drunk and high that he passed out. Once the kid fell asleep, this guy raped him and took pictures of the entire process (while making faces and peace signs at the camera). The kid freaked out when he woke up and realized what happened; the police were immediately called. The police took Jerry’s DNA and phone for evidence and quickly found over 150 nude pictures of underage boys from our local high school and all of the pictures of Jerry raping this poor kid at a party. Jerry is only 18 and now faces charges for rape of an unconscious victim, rape of a minor, possession of child pornography, and multiple cases of sexual assault. Right now it looks like he will serve a minimum of five years in prison, but it is likely to be more.
Edit: Apparently more rape victims have recently stepped forward, so he may be even more fucked than he was before.

14. Crack kills

few months ago I had a friend of mine ask me if I wanted to try crack with him. I was busy so I politely declined. He now has three different dealers calling up at the job looking for money, he’s totaled two cars, only one of which was his, everyone hates him now because he’s always begging for money and lying to everyone, and his mother had him locked up for stealing from her house.
We’ve been watching this dude ruin his life for the past few months and he won’t listen to anyone when we tell him it’s obvious his addiction is causing it.

15. DUI

There was a kid that was in my graduating class that was one of our valedictorians. Was a very smart kid, had college all paid for and all that.
Well two years later, he went to a graduation party for one of his old high school friends and ended up getting a DUI that night. For some reason, he was allowed to post bail a couple hours later and ended up stealing his friends car, getting in a police chase and killing himself at his parents house.

16. Meth

Meth. A beautiful (jaw dropping really) cousin of mine went from being a successful social worker with a Masters from UK, a beautiful family, and gorgeous home to a single, jobless meth head with both of her children in the same system she worked for. Got meth mouth in record time.

17. Ummmmm

A girl from my school posted a video on Facebook of her doing vastly inappropriate things with a dog. Apparently she’d been forced into it by an uncle. It was deleted the day it was posted but everyone saw it and she now goes by a new name
Also a guy from school, at 19, stabbed a 13 year old boy in a cemetery, over a girl, not far away from where I live. The guy was a fucking tank and a bully and to tell you the truth I had always thought he had a rape/murder vibe

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