12 People Recall The Eeriest Story Their Child Ever Told

We all love our kids, but there are also times when they say things that make us want to run screaming the other direction (and definitely lock our doors at night).

There’s probably nothing more to these types of eerie comments than overactive little imaginations, but then again, maybe there is – and I bet these 12 parents wish there was a way they could know for sure.

12. At least he’s made new (old?) friends.I hope I run into my besties again in the next life.

11. It’s probably just a coincidence.

I mean…right?

10. Unzipped, eh?

That’s actually a very apt way to describe it.

9. I would have goosebumps for days.

But also, at least he’s got a cool skill out of it!

8. It would appear so.

But I mean, he seems to be a peaceful soul, so there’s that.

7. This sounds like a science fiction novel waiting to happen.

In fact, I think I’m going to write it down.

6. Oh he was definitely visiting.

This story is eerie and cute in equal measure.

5. Mirrors are no bueno, y’all.

If this happened I would throw all of mine away.

4. Grandma doesn’t want to be forgotten.

It’s difficult to blame her.

3. I need an update.

Bless that poor little pooch’s heart.

2. That’s good to know.

No promises on other causes of death, though.

1. I wonder if it stops because they forget.

Or because they realize it’s a weird thing to say.

My kids have for sure said some weird stuff, but these stories are next level.

If your child has said something that belongs on this list, drop the tale in the comments!