15 People Share Things They Think Make Someone Untrustworthy


You gotta trust your gut, no matter what. Those are words to live by, my friends.

Sometime’s you just know that when you meet someone new, there’s something off and you don’t trust them AT ALL. Folks on AskReddit shared the small things that make them immediately not trust a person.

1. That’s huge

“When someone borrows something and never attempts to return or mention it until you bring it up.”

2. Not impressive

“When they act like the wealthiest person in the room and like they’re the most amazing person in the room.”

3. Boundaries

“Not respecting my decision when I say no to something small. Thank you for letting me know you don’t respect boundaries.”

4. Not cool

“When they openly brag about screwing someone over. Alright. I get it. It’s not small at all. It didn’t register in my head when I was typing this answer. I get it. You guys can stop now.”

5. Privacy is key

“People who can’t keep something to themselves and talk about another person’s private matters. I’m very private about myself, as trust takes years to build up but seconds to shatter.”

6. Watch your mouth

“They constantly talk crap about others but all the stories are skewed to their favor. I watch my mouth around people like that and try to only say things I don’t mind getting out.”

7. Don’t judge

“When they judge others for the very things they’re guilty of themselves.”

8. Back to me…

“Someone who constantly interrupts.”

9. But…

“They told me not to tell anyone but…”

Never will trust someone like that. If they tell me other people’s secrets they’ll no doubt tell other people mine.”

10. Not a good sign

“I don’t trust physicians who never say “I don’t know.”

The most dangerous physicians are the ones who make a bad call and then defend it with all their might. Those who answer a question incorrectly with supreme confidence.

If a doc occasionally says “I don’t know, let’s look it up” then I know I can trust her/him.”

11. Loosen up

“The way too hard handshake. A firm handshake is great but some people make it weird.”

12. Jealousy

“When they can’t be happy when their friends succeed in the ways they haven’t. If your jealousy is that profound, I don’t want to be around you.”

13. Get a life

“When they put a lot of energy into manipulating people instead of just living their lives.”

14. That’s trashy

“When they talk shit about someone who just left the room.”

15. Be careful

“Any interviewer that brags about the “family” atmosphere at work or puts too much emphasis on the “culture”. We work really hard but we’re like family … so it’s totally ok if we take advantage of you?”