12 People Share Company Secrets About Places Where They Used to Work

It’s secret time, friends!

And we’re gonna get let in on secrets from AskReddit users about places they used to work!

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1. Fight for it.

“Health insurance dude.

When you file a claim, it is often denied because they’re counting on you not escalating it. Once you do, your case goes to a “medical management group” which ought to be called the “we don’t wanna pay” group.

Keep escalating and involve your doctor. Fight for the insurance you paid for.”

2. Good to know.

“Mortgage industry here.

We’re like cops, ONLY answer the question asked, DO NOT provide additional information to “be helpful”, it could screw you over.”

3. Practically the same.

“I worked at L’Oréal.

The cosmetics from L’Oréal and Lancôme are practically the same.

But Lancôme costs like $20 more.”

4. Different maps.

“T-Mobile has 2 coverage maps.

The one they show customers and the real one that is internal shows the actual coverage.

Diminishes by about 50%. Their coverage is built on a bed of lies!”

5. Shocker!

“I used to work in college admissions.

Rich donors, athletes, and other VIPs have lower admission criteria. They still have minimums, but they’re super easy to reach, even for a “selective” university.

In the case of the university I worked for (BYU), children of General Church Authorities also got this.”

6. Now you know.

“Diet Sprite and Sprite Zero were the exact same thing.

They didn’t change the recipe one bit.

They just changed the name and design.”

7. Sketchy.

“I worked at a comic book store that offered a service where you paid a small premium to have sent in rare comics to have them graded at CGC.

A few months later we had many customers coming in to check the status of their comics. We contacted the owner to see what was going on, and he would always claim that there was some distribution problem.

Fast forward a few months, we found out he was taking customers graded copies and selling them online while trying to return back issue versions of their original comics.”

8. Sad and disturbing.

“I worked for a MAJOR hotel chain in housekeeping for over 10 years.

The number of s**cides and people who d** naturally in their rooms is a lot higher than you’d think. I worked at a huge convention hotel with over 1000 rooms and it happened quite often.

Unless it was a pretty gnarly mess it would just get cleaned like normal and the next guest had no idea.”

9. All tied up.

“This Mormon church likes to talk about how much charity they do, but it’s always tied to some form of missionary work or proselytizing.

Particularly in Utah, they would secure housing, furniture, food etc to Iraqi refugees, and “in exchange”, these poor people who have had their whole life uprooted would have to be visited by and listen to missionaries drone on and on about the Mormon religion, and having the gall to ask these Muslim refugees if they want to get baptized after a few weeks.

I know this because I (non-Mormon) was dating a Mormon girl back then, and I was asked to translate for the Iraqi families (I speak Arabic). Of course I never did, I told them the whole scam, and told the Iraqis to act interested so they can keep getting charity. We scammed the scammers basically.”

10. Liars!

“At a local deli/grocery store I worked at, everyone raved about how good their mac and cheese is, and it always sold really quick when I worked in the deli. It’s even labeled on the menu as [Store]’s famous mac and cheese…

It’s literally just Stouffer’s, we didn’t even add anything to it.”

11. Lame.

“The vehicle modification shop at Chillicothe Correctional Institution in Chillicothe, Ohio dumps waste coolant from the machine shop into a storm drain that empties directly into the Scioto River, because the chemical disposal tank is a 55 gallon drum in the paint shop, and that’s much too small.

They can’t throw me into solitary confinement for complaining anymore.”

12. That’s not good.

“Worked at a (American) Toyota dealership in the body shop for 12 years.

We would throw away literally everything regardless of the environmental impact. Car paint (which is nasty shit btw) went straight to the dumpster. Radiator fluid? Down the drain. I even saw someone put oil down the drain a couple times even though we had barrels for it up in the service dept.

The only thing we saved was old car parts which the boss then sold to scrapyards and pocketed the money.

The painter didn’t ever wear a mask either. He is around 60 and still kicking despite 30 years of painting without a mask somehow.”

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