12 People Share Health Symptoms That May Seem Normal but Can Be Very Serious

Listen up, folks!

Because we’re gonna hear from folks on AskReddit about health symptoms that might seem perfectly normal but actually might be major warning signs.

So if you experience any of these symptoms, please go to the hospital immediately.

Better safe than sorry, right…?

1. Scary.

“Wife had a pain in her shoulder and told me about it. Said it was uncomfortable but not a big deal. I told her to send her doctor a message.

Went in for an appointment immediately. She had internal bleeding from an ectopic pregnancy and had about 12 ounces of blood floating around in her.”

2. Doom.

“A ‘feeling of impending doom.’ Really. It’s actually considered a clinical sign and can indicate an impending stroke, heart attack, or other things.

Can also be a panic attack, but if it comes out of nowhere and isn’t associated with a known anxiety disorder, don’t be afraid to take it seriously.”

3. Pay attention.

“If you are at a high risk for a heart attack, look out for toothaches, or sudden facial/ear pain.

Sometimes, your only symptom of a heart attack is a sudden, and very painful, toothache.”

4. A good one to be aware of.

“If a child goes underwater and inhales water through their nose or mouth, even for a short moment, they can develop what is called dry drowning.

The child may seem fine immediately after, but they can start getting tired, cranky, or dizzy.

Parents think the child simply needs a nap, but they are slowly suffocating due to the small amount of water in their lungs that they can’t cough up. They need a hospital because they could d** while sleeping.”

5. Sounds terrible.

“The worst headache of your life, which came on very quickly. (Also known as a ‘thunderclap headache.’)

Even with no other symptoms, this needs to be looked at immediately.

Could be any range of things, but what they’re most concerned with is a ruptured aneurysm.”

6. Ouch.

“If you have pain in your right side of your stomach and someone pokes you and it’s incredibly painful, you might have early signs of appendicitis.”

7. FYI.

“Losing the ability to see color in one or more eye.

Sign of a major issue in the brain.”

8. Confused.

“I had a headache for a week and was getting confused at work.

Two brain tumors and hydrocephalus led to immediate intake.”

9. For the women.

“For women on birth control: serious shortness of breath (as in a relatively healthy person being winded just walking to/from car) and unexplained pain in your legs, mainly inside thighs.

Blood clots/embolisms. They can k**l you VERY fast if they break loose and travel.”

10. Get it checked out.

“After they announced Bob Saget’s cause of d**th, I saw this get discussed.

So, if you had head trauma, even if you don’t feel anything, go get immediate care.”

11. Can be very dangerous.

“High fever and a stiff neck is a massive indicator of meningitis, which can quickly be fatal if not treated.

Most common in college age groups which makes it less likely the individual will want to go to hospital as well.

Don’t wait on this one; if you tell any doctor or nurse that you have these two symptoms, then you will be treated with very high priority.”

12. Speaking from experience.

“Speaking from experience here, if you suddenly feel no pain after feeling what has to be some of the worst pain imaginable, it means your appendix may have burst, and you need to get to the hospital IMMEDIATELY.”

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