5 Things Boys Should See Their Father Do at Home

Growing up is tough under any circumstances and people who have helpful fathers who teach them life lessons should count themselves among the lucky ones.

Because there are a lot of boys growing up out there without fathers or with fathers who aren’t taking the time to set a good example.

But today we’re going to focus on the positive and point out 5 things that boys should hear their fathers say at home.

1. A big one.

Boys should hear their fathers say nice things about their partners.

Hearing them say “I love you” is nice but dads should also talk about WHY they love the partners in their lives. And dads should incorporate these compliments into everyday conversation with their sons.

This sends the message that life is better with their partner around.

2. Emotions are important.

It’s important for young males to see that their fathers can be vulnerable sometimes.

If their father is always stoic and never shows emotion, their sons might have trouble dealing with problems and stress because it will seem foreign to them.

So go ahead and let it out, dads.

3. A little help.

It’s important for boys to see their fathers get help from time to time.

This could be from his partner for work-related advice or from a friend with help getting leaves out of the gutters of the house.

Having help sometimes sends the message to boys that it’s okay to not be able to do everything yourself and that letting other people in and collaborating with them is a good thing.

4. Friends are good.

Having the kind of friends around who you can enjoy, laugh with, and will help you out is crucial to how a boy’s ideas about other people develop when they are young.

The father’s example in this department will show them that people are not disposable but instead, that companionship is crucial in life and that other people can be trusted and relied on.

5. Two important words.

I’m sorry.

Boys should hear their fathers say this when it’s necessary. They don’t need to apologize for every little thing, but it’s important to do it when it’s necessary and when it will teach their sons lessons about forgiveness and owning up to mistakes.

Now we want to hear from you.

What are some more things that you think boys should hear and see from their fathers at home?

Please talk to us in the comments and let us know.

Thanks a lot!