12 People Share How They’d React if They Traveled 1,000 Years Into the Future and Found Out Their Religion Was Extinct

I’m not a religious person, but I can see how people would be shocked, frustrated, or angry if they discovered that their religion went away…FOREVER.

Poof! Just like that!

But religions come and go throughout history…

AskReddit users talk about how they’d react if they traveled 1,000 years into the future and found out their religion was extinct.

Let’s take a look!

1. A true Christian.

“Christian here.

I’d first begin to investigate why this was the case. What developments might have occurred that undermined the philosophical and historical foundations of my belief system? (Example: Jesus’ miracles shown to be false).

If something along those lines legitimately proved my religion wrong, I’d just have to discard my beliefs. It’s that simple. Such thinking is even described in the Bible. (In fact, I’d probably take the knowledge back with me to present day and share it.)

On the other hand, if there was some non-rational development that caused Christianity to fall out of society’s favor. I’d return with the knowledge and do what I can to prevent it. I’m not a Christian because it’s a popular religion, I’m a Christian because I think it’s true.”

2. Wouldn’t be surprised.

“Well, considering that my religion, such as it is, was mostly wiped out by the spread of Christianity to pagan Britain, and that a large portion of it is already entirely lost due to being entirely based on oral tradition, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Celtic paganism was gone entirely.

I’d be a little disappointed, but not surprised. I don’t depend on external validation for my religious beliefs but it’s always sad when a culture d**s out entirely.”

3. Upsetting.

“Methodist -> Baha’i convert here.

I’d be upset, but not unsurprised. Shen was the last time you saw Hellenism around or public alters to deities and spirits?

For me at least, religion is a coping mechanism for the stress in my life and at least a basis for a moral compass, not a strict rule book with punishments for not following.

If we manage to evolve and find new coping mechanisms as a society, then all the better.”

4. Good riddance.

“I’m not extremely religious, but if my religion became extinct, I would say good riddance.

Because then toxic Christians won’t shove my religion, which is meant to spread love and respect, down other peoples’ throats.”

5. Think about it…

“When I first thought about it, I felt like I’d be devastated

. But then I remembered that Judaism has changed so greatly since the time the Beit Hamikdash was still standing that if those Jews travelled forward to our time, they may not even recognize what Judaism has become.

I think that there’s something beautiful in that since I don’t think Judaism will ever truly go extinct. It may change so greatly that past Jews might go “…what the actual f**k” if they travel into the future but Judaism is so highly adaptable that I think it’ll survive in some shape or form”

6. No biggie.

“Late to the game, but I’d be pretty OK, quite honestly.

I’m not a conventional Christian, by any means, I don’t have any doubts about the scientific validity of observable and credible science, such as that humans developed through evolution over an extremely long period of time. Christianity is a framework, developed by humans to try to reflect the teachings of The Christ.

I think that everyone has the opportunity to go to Heaven; Buddhists, Taoists, Muslim, anyone. I see the Bible, the Quran, and other Holy works as the inspired works of the great Whatever, and all to try to lead people to living better lives. It is the outliers that use religion as a weapon that are the problem.

I see a spiritual life as climbing a mountain. I see one side of the mountain, and Buddhists see another side of the very same mountain.”

7. Not a shocker.

“I wouldn’t be surprised. A lot of Christians I know are older people.

In my church, there aren’t very many people my age, and my siblings have given up on either going to church or the religion all together.

It makes me sad, but I hope the teachings and values (at least, most of them) will uphold even 1000 years later.”

8. Heartbroken.

“I would be kind of sad and heartbroken.

To be clear I’m Catholic but I see my religion as a set of values more than a belief.

Depending on the interpretation of the question I would probably be fine if people still tried to help and respect others although I wonder if they would do it spontaneously or there would be another religion with the same teachings.”

9. What happened?

“I think I would be crushed. (Christian, btw). That would be heartbreaking.

I’d probably search the earth for any remaining Christians and mourn and pray to God for an answer as to why this happened.”

10. Should we rebuild it?

“Learn the means of why it ended.

Be it social, war or what have you.

Then once I compile enough information I contemplate if it is even worth an attempt to rebuild.”

11. Meh…


I won’t be alive a thousand years later so what difference does it make?

As long as people follow moralism who cares?”

12. Would be surprised.

“I’d be pretty darn surprised.

A lot of people have tried to destroy Judaism for a very long time, and nobody has succeeded yet.

We’re already been in multiple ge**cides and a mass enslavement; I think we will get through the next thousand years just fine.”

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