12 People Share Stories About the Scariest Things They’ve Ever Seen

What do you think is the scariest thing you’ve ever seen in your life?

I’m talking about the thing that you can’t forget and that made the hair on your neck stand up and sent shivers down your spine?

We all have at least one of those things in our past, right?

Well, think about your story while we hear from some other people out there who have seen some s**t.

Folks on AskReddit talked about the scariest things they’ve ever seen in their lives.

Let’s take a look.

1. Keep your eyes open.

“Was longboarding in downtown Fairbanks when I got to a rough spot so i picked up my board and was walking when a guy in all black combat gear who was walking in the opposite direction of me had his arm tucked in like a chicken wing fashion and when i was about to pass him he unsheathed a large machete.

I instinctively put up my board as a shield and jumped back like 5 feet within a second which caught the attention of a bunch of nearby pedestrians that were just sitting around so the guy sheathed it and ran off. Ended up waving down some cops to go find the guy.

It definitely left me with hyper vigilance and maybe some ptsd. I truly believe if i hadn’t reacted that he would have managed to slit my throat. D**n m**h heads. Make sure you always have your situational awareness up.”

2. Need a ride?

“I was about 15 years old going for a walk to the river, on my way back home a guy pulled over and asked if I was lost. I said no, that I live nearby. He asked if I needed a ride home, I said no I wanted to walk.

He asked again if I was lost and needed a ride home. I knew then it was fu**ed up and said no I don’t want a ride. His face basically became a new face, I was terrified.

I looked up and down the road thinking of where I could run to, no houses close enough, I would have to run into the woods and swim across the river. In that moment of staring each other d**d in the eyes knowing this wasn’t going to be easy I saw a car coming down the road and was about to wave and scream, he looked where I looked and saw the car, he looked at me with the most anger, h**red, something I can’t even explain and he sped off.

I just stood there for a couple moments taking in what had just happened. Normal light colored sedan, normal looking middle aged guy with thinning blond hair and blue eyes, I’d probably never recognize him he looked so normal. I very quickly went home and never went on a walk to the river again.

I went there often after my brother passed away cause that was our fishing spot. I’ll never forget those eyes. Even now a decade later my heart is pounding and my hands sweating thinking about that.”

3. Scary as hell.

“One time when I was a semi truck tire tech, I saw a co worker get his legs pinned under the tires of a flat deck semi trailer because a jack stand failed while he was putting the tire back on.

For those that dont know, semi truck tires are put on by sitting in the ground with your legs on either side of the tire, and using your legs to lift it up a few inches to get it onto the studs so you dont ruin your back.

Now the crazy part is, this guy ended up being ok. He was not a normal sized guy, he was huge, about 7 foot 2 and proportional bigger in every way compared to a normal human, including his bones.

He had probably several thousand pounds on his legs but they didnt break, just bruised badly. We got a jack, and lifted the trailer off him and he was able to get out under his own power. He was in pain and shaken up pretty bad but able to stand. Took a few days to heal and was back to work after that. If it had been anyone else there, they would have had thier legs crushed.

It was scary as hell when it first happened and I heard him scream though. Never quite felt adrenaline like that before.”

4. Messed up.

“Someone getting kicked to d**th in front of me.

I came to the U.K. initially as an illegal immigrant and we were essentially sold to a criminal gang that used us as slave labour and sold us to various local farms (one supplied flowers to Tesco, I still have cold shivers when I walk past the flower aisle).

To ensure that we were compliant, the gang took all of our passports and we were threatened daily with beating/r**e/being shopped to immigration services and deported. This was essentially part of daily routine.

One day one of the guys who lived in the same house as me couldn’t take it anymore . He was exhausted, had enough of being humiliated and living in fear and he refused to bow down and listen and to go to work. The situation escalated, he kept refusing and in the end, a bunch of thugs from the gang decided to make an example out of him in front of us and kicked the living daylights out of him for hours .

In the end they carried him out wrapped in a throw. It was clear he wasn’t breathing at the time.

To this day I don’t know whether his family ever found out what happened to him and it haunts me in my dreams . I didn’t have his full name or address and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it now, which is horrendous .

At the time. I just stood there paralysed with fear and I said nothing, fearing that I could be next.

So messed up.”

5. UFO.

“A UFO while camping in Gila state park in New Mexico in the early 1990s.

Got so spooked I went to my car to get a g** and fired it by mistake. Now think about all the other campers at that spot who had no idea why a lone g** shot rang out that night way up in the mountains in the middle of nowhere. The UFO was huge flat black triangle just over head flying real slow and had no sound at all.

The only reason we seen it was it blocked out the stars on a crystal clear night and we had picked a new moon date just to see all those stars. The next day we went back to town and picked up a newspaper in Silver City and on the front page was story about how many calls had come in the night before about a huge UFO that was seen over the city the night before.”

6. Ugh.

“I watched a guy get sta**ed to d**th at a party for trying to stop a fight.

Some idiot was really belligerent from the start of the party, and eventually decided to pick a fight with a shy polite kid that very clearly wanted nothing to do with him.

Well, a guy that I had just met that night — a really tall, muscular guy that was incredibly nice despite looking really intimidating — saw what was happening and yeeted the belligerent guy onto the grass and told him to stop or go home.

Tall guy stared him down for a bit before deciding to walk away, then belligerent guy pulls a knife out of his pocket, runs up behind him and s**bs him between his ribs once and runs off.

Guy was rushed to the hospital by car but d**d on the way — his lung was punctured and the nearest hospital was 30 minutes away. I watched the whole thing play out in disbelief.

Belligerent guy tried to pick a fight with me about an hour beforehand by stealing what he thought was my cigar and pack of ci**rettes off the table beside me and challenging me to take them back. I told him I didn’t care what he did, I was busy trying to talk to a girl I’d met… then he sta**ed someone 20 minutes later.

It wasn’t just scary because I watched a kind, undeserving man get sta**ed to d**th for taking up for the innocent. It was also scary because it could have been me that got sta**ed if I hadn’t been trying to impress a girl.”

7. Bloody mess.

“Saw a dude covered head to toe in blood, like Carrie in her dress-no joke, being carried by his brother in the subway late one night, after hours. They looked to be in their twenties.

Bloodied dude looked almost d**d. Just dripping red all over. His brother was shouting “Someone help me! They sta**ed my brother! Please help!” I was with my own brother which made it even more eerie. Maybe like five people on the platform and we were walking towards them to help; but somehow it’s like god was just there in that moment cuz as we got closer to em a couple police officers happened to show up and hurried over.

One stayed with the brothers radioing for medical help while the other took off after the perpetrators (the conscious brother told them it had happened in a tunnel ramp just nearby). I’d never seen anything like that before. I don’t know what happened to em.

I hope the dude survived. Never saw any articles in the papers. The image of his bloodied body and his screaming frantic brother haunts me.”

8. OMG.

“This was 5 years ago. My friend and I were hiking and we heard something like pleading, pleadings for help, almost like a gargle. They stopped.

We obviously checked it out and we saw a man pale as a sheet except for a completely torn open chest with organs on full display. There was a pool of blood in this man’s mouth still dripping. He looked like he was cut open surgically.

We never found what ki**ed him, when it happened, or why. We still hike by that spot and everytime we put some sort of tribute (flower, pretty rock, the like) for some reason I have forgotten at this point.”

9. Better run for it.

“A seemingly unstable person jumped in my car when I was getting in it after work and asked where we were going- in a fairly bad part of Trenton and it was getting dark out.

I had to snatch my keys and run a few blocks away until she got out like 20 minutes later. Of course, that was the one day I forgot my phone…”

10. Never forget.

“NYC on 9/11. I went to a diner on 2nd ave across from the Queensboro Bridge and watched people covered in ash walking from Manhattan to Queens.

They were in shock – totally d**d in the eyes – faces covered in grey soot with streaks that has been washed away by tears. Then a group of firefighters came in and sat near me. Their conversation consisted of which of their mutual friends they already knew were d**d.

Cell phones were not yet ubiquitous, so there were lines at every pay phone of people who desperately wanted to tell a loved one that they had survived.”

11. Powerless.

“I was fly fishing with my brother.

The current swept him away and he disappeared under the ice cold water, his waders completely full and pulling him under.

We found him sopping wet on the river bank but the fear and powerlessness haunts me each day.”

12. Whoa.

“While driving in Navajo territory in New Mexico my fiancé and I were driving back from a hike to our hotel pretty late at night. Absolutely no one around.

All of a sudden I see cop lights around a sharp turn so I slow down. There were two cop cars, both were abandoned and the doors were open and a third vehicle had a guy slumped over in the front seat with blood all over his head.

Needless to say we drove away very quickly shocked at what we both saw. I checked the local news in the area the next day but I never found out what happened but that’s definitely on the top of my frightening things list.”

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