12 People Share the Diseases They’d Create to Only Mildly Inconvenience Other Folks

Well, this is gonna be a lot of fun!

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What am I talking about?

Well, we’re going to hear from AskReddit users about what disease they’d create to only mildly inconvenience and annoy people.

Check out what they had to say!

1. Sounds terrible.

“A disease where you constantly feel like you are about to sneeze but nothing happens.”

2. This one.

“If one of your salivary glands has a retention-cyst it will always feel like you have a piece of corn or lentil on the back of your tongue.

It sucks.”

3. Totally random.

“You will wake up at a random time in the morning and no alarm or anything will be capable of waking you up.”

4. Blinky.

“When you blink, its always one eye after the other and not at the same time.

And they alternate.”

5. Horrible.

“Wet Foot.

One foot always soaks after you’ve put on shoes.”

6. Door issues.

“Extreme aversion to doorways.

Every time you need to go through a doorway, it’ll be like trying to drink water with rabies.

You’ll jerk and shy away and it’ll take you a minimum of 15 attempts to get through.”

7. Ouch!

“The feeling of a stone always being in your shoe.

Not gonna lie, wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy!”

8. I can’t count!

“A disease that messes up their counting.

Imagine working a register or making multiple orders.”

9. That sounds miserable.

“You always feel like you have to pee… but you can’t.

As soon as you get up and button your fly, you pee a little.”

10. What’s in there?

“You feel like you have something in your eye, right in the middle so every time you close or open your eyelids, you feel it.”

11. FIPS.

“Frequent Intermittent feeling of popcorn kernel skin (hull) stuck in your gums.

Frequent enough to be annoying but not constant that you’d get used to it.

Let’s call it FIPS for short.”

12. Not a good time.

“A disease that makes you want to yawn, sneeze and have that weird feeling in your throat when you have the hiccups; I’m not done by the way.

You also feel like you have to crack your fingers but never can at inconvenient times and you constantly have pins & needles; in addition to that you have fluid in your ears and no matter what you do it will never subside.

You really thought I was done? You fool!

You also have an overwhelming bad taste in your mouth and it can’t be washed down, you also cannot taste anything other than your breath.”

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