12 People Share the Foods That Seem Fine Until You Learn About How They’re Actually Made

I have several friends who are vegetarians and I know that if I ever watch one of those animal rights documentaries that show what happens to animals, I’d probably never eat meat again.

But I just don’t think I’m there yet…

Maybe I’m selfish but I’m just speaking the truth right now, ladies and gents.

Do you think there are some foods that sound fine until you learn how they’re made?

These AskReddit users sure do and they spoke up.

1. Gross!

“When I was growing up my grandma used to make this amazing apple salad dessert thing. I loved it growing up.

One year I wanted to make it for myself as an adult and I asked her the recipe. Turns out it was just apples, mayo and sugar.”

2. Never again.

“My wife’s aunt made a mushroom soup that she had me try, supposed to be super healthy and tasty.

I tried it, it was ok and then she showed me the mushrooms….

F**king caterpillars that had cordyceps.”

3. Not anymore…

“Foie gras.

My culinary school took me to a foie gras farm.

Even though it’s tasty I don’t eat it anymore.”

4. Have you tried it?


Made with everything but the oink according to my mum.

I remember watching a YouTuber try scrapple and literally every step she did was wrong and I got so pis**d. Like she got some artisanal scrapple that was more cornmeal than meat, then she just kinda gently sautéed it.

Like slap that s**t in flour and fry it up in oil as you’re not eating scrapple for your health.”

5. Ugh.

“A lot of people enjoy Shark Fin Soup and maybe some don’t realize what the fisherman do to get the fins.

Look up video if you want but they bring the shark on board, cut off all the fins, and chuck it back still alive to writhe and float and suffer.”

6. Why not?!?!

“In Poland we have a dish thats called flaki which literally means guts.

Its a soup made of cow stomach.

Many people don’t wanna even think about it but I think its delicious.”

7. Very obtuse.

“Orange juice (the kind in the refrigerator aisle).

Not because it is disgusting or anything, but because it is basically old Frankenjuice.

All the labels such as “fresh squeezed”, “not from concentrate”, and “pure” are only true in the most obtuse ways.”

8. Never touched it.

“I saw a veal farm at age 16 and have never touched it.

Seeing those cute little calves chained to little igloo houses for their entire short lives really made me sad.”

9. Yucky.

“Imitation crab.

It’s fish paste with eggs, a bunch of additives and colorings.

The weird part is watching the two colors of extruded paste get stretched out and wrapped around each other, like fish taffy.”

10. Fermented.

“Any fermented food.

My food preservation professor said that the line between fermented and spoiled was a matter of cultural preference before the modern era.

It’s pretty normal to enjoy the fermented foods of your own culture and be grossed out by the foods of another’s.”

11. Ruined coffee.

“Kopi Luwak or Weasel Coffee

It is pretty much coffee. However, instead of using coffee beans that were harvested in more common ways (like handpicking), Kopi Luwak uses coffee beans that were defecated by palm civets.

Located in Indonesia, these weasel-like mammals consume coffee cherries as part of their diets and, through some very complex processes during digestion, they “ferment” the coffee cherries and thus defecate a coffee bean of “peculiar flavors”.

Not only is this utterly terrifying, but unfortunately due to the demand and craze around it, producers are caging civets and force-feeding them countless amounts of cherries basically ruining their diets and lives.

I had it once, and after knowing how it was made I had to rush to the nearest restroom. It ruined coffee for me for a few years.”

12. Traditional sausage.

“As a young apprentice chef in Melbourne Australia I worked in a French Restaurant.

We had to make andouillette which is a traditional french sausage. It’s made of offal etc and one component was the last meter of the pigs digestive system. So a tube with a little square of external flesh and an a**hole in the middle of it. We had to check they were clean and rinse than again etc.

It was f**king gross. We used to watch customers eating them and shake out heads. My favourite memory us of a time when I slapped another apprentice around the head with a wet a**hole on a string and it went in his mouth.”

How about you?

Are there are any foods you avoid because of how they are made?

If so, please tell us all about it in the comments!