12 People Share the Industries They Wouldn’t Miss if They Went Away Forever

I have a question for you and I want you to take your time and think about it…

If certain industries were to go away FOREVER, which ones would you definitely NOT miss?

Something to think about, right?

Take a look at what AskReddit users had to say about this interesting question…

1. Shady.

“Political profit.

If you’re in politics, and hold some significant position, you should make enough money to live a decent life, maybe $100k a year in current dollars if we’re being generous, but literally nothing more.

No f**king donations, no f**king side hustles, if you want to be a politician? Better be for a genuine f**king reason.”

2. Overpriced.

“Funeral parlors.

I don’t want a funeral and my family paying thousands for a service. Our state has allowed body composting and I want to be returned to the earth.

My family paid thousands for a funeral for my uncle and it was awful. Wasted money on a preacher even though he was an Atheist.”

3. Crazy to think about.

“For profit prisons.

There should be no incentive to keep someone in prison. If we, as a society, want to send someone to prison, it should be a strict negative all around, no one at the top should benefit. Sending someone to prison should be something that EVERYONE wants to avoid and we should try to keep people from re-offending as much as possible.

Think to yourself: Is doing hard drugs really worth spending $2k-5k/month to keep someone in prison? Well, if the for-profit owners are making tons of cash/month per bed, then… Yeah, keep them coming.”

4. Still around?


The fur industry has been d**ng for a long time already. I’ve never bought furs, never cared for furs, I’m under the impression that rich snobs wear them as a status symbol and animals are being endangered for our vanity. Now, I’m not talking about people living in small villages in harsh climates.

I get that for some people furs can be vital for their survival, I’m talking about furs being used as status symbols in the fashion industry.”

5. Over it.

“Sports betting.

I get that it will still exist on the black market, I’m just sick of seeing it in seemingly every billboard, and youtube and podcast ad.

I don’t care about sports or gambling!”

6. A big one.


My city is full of s**kers. Every open public space reeks of s**ke. Can’t enjoy a place without second hand s**king.

It would be great to be able to breathe clean air in parks. Number of addiction sufferers will reduce. Fewer patients with respiratory diseases.

The load on healthcare industry will decrease significantly; more people might get access to hospitals. Humans, in general, will live healthier lives.”

7. Very divisive.

“Factory farming and the commodification, torture and slaughter of sentient beings because people think they taste good or make a nice jacket.”

8. Dirty.


Coal is by far the dirtiest fossil fuel. It is dirtiest both in terms of carbon emissions per unit of energy produced, and in terms of other pollutants (particulate matter, Sulfur compounds, Mercury, etc) that are released during combustion.

Humanity’s collective future depends on our ability to mitigate climate change. The single biggest change that we can make towards achieving that goal is to stop getting power from coal.

I’m sorry to the regions that depend on coal mining economically, but coal is an absolutely disgusting fuel source, and for the good of human civilization as a whole we need to stop mining coal.”

9. Girl bosses!

“Fake #girlboss influencer online sales from home.

“No Becky, I do not want a sparkle leopard cardigan or tee that says ‘rosé all day’ when I could just shop on Amazon if I don’t want to go out in public & spend half the money. Pretend ‘boutiques’ are a joke. Please get a real job.””

10. What a waste.

“Whoever the hell keeps sending me anything in the mail.

I can’t believe junk mail hasn’t been banned.

Such a waste of paper.”

11. Interesting…

“The gig economy.

It’s just a way to transfer wealth from the desperate and poor to the most predatory of the wealthy elite.”

12. Weird.

“Travel agents. I’m going on a trip with my family and they used an agent.

It’s an unnecessary middle ground that does nothing but add extra steps and make the whole process more difficult as well as human error when using a middle man is just more.

I don’t get the point of travel agents.”

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