12 People Share the Secrets They’ll Never Tell Another Soul

Life is full of secrets.

And that goes for individuals, organizations, governments, businesses, etc.

And some of those deep, dark secrets stay buried forever.

But today some people are finally ready to speak up.

What secrets will you never tell anyone?

AskReddit users shared their stories.

1. Ignore that.

“During a piano lesson, my music teacher (who’s really old and isn’t good with technology) asked me to search a piece on YouTube.

The moment I began to type, I noticed the first typing suggestion was “Viagra”.”

2. Lovebirds.

“Was walking my dog on a dirt road next my subdivision.

This dirt road ran parallel to several backyards and had lots of trees on either side for concealment. For me it was an unofficial nature trail because it allowed me to get away from people.

One morning I spotted two of my neighbors, who were married to other people, making out and obviously about to do the deed.

Since they were so into each other they didn’t hear me coming up till my dog started making noise. For several seconds we all looked at each other saying nothing until the couple took off running in the direction of their respective backyards.

We all knew each other but I wasn’t friends with the two nor their spouses. Long story short, I kept my mouth shut about what I saw and neither of the lovebirds ever said anything to me.

Have no idea if this had been a one time thing or a long term affair.”

3. Wow.

“When I was in high school a friend confided in me that they had problems with cutting. Showed me their marks.

We had a long talk. I went to the counselor of the school and told them a couple days later. I was a teen. I struggled with the choice, but ultimately the fear of losing my friend won.

Long story short, they ended up in a mental facility for a month and came back, absolutely baffled as to who ratted him out. Decided it was probably a different friend.

Well. I married him. He still doesn’t know.”

4. Why didn’t you use the parking lot?

“When I was about 7 years old my dad took me to blockbuster and I really had to pee.

Blockbuster didn’t have a restroom so I peed in one of the aisles.

I’m pretty sure the cameras saw me but thankfully there was no one near me.”

5. Wow.

“I put a knife down my throat and cut up to d**. Almost did it .

Was rushed to hospital and they told me I had an upper GI bleed possibly from a ulcer but didn’t understand how it happened. I was in hospital for 5 days and I went along with what the doctors said.

I never received any mental help and was discharged on my own. After a while I got better on my own but it was a rough ride.”

6. Resentment.

“I resent my 7 year old step son and feel like he ruined my life.

I waited a long time to get married and my husband is my dream man but his son has severe behavior problems. He lives with us the majority of the time. His mom is in and out of his life and when she is around she really messes with his head. I try to be understanding and loving but I am only human and I’m exhausted.

He destroys everything in sight when he doesn’t get his way, smashes toys and rips curtains off his wall, digs holes is his walls with his scissors (he is no longer allowed to use sharp objects unsupervised). Every time I try to decorate the house and try to make things look nice he ruins the things I bought.

I bought him new pajamas the other day and paid way more than I normally would because he loved them and really wanted them. Within an hour of them being delivered they had three massive holes through them and he thought it was funny.

He laughs when I get hurt. The dog jumped on me and I hit my head on a table and he laughed hysterically. When his dad tried to correct him and tell him it’s not ok to laugh at people when they are hurt he said he didn’t care. He almost k**led our dog while I was in the shower so now I can’t leave her alone with him.

I took him to visit my family and he hurt their family pet and we haven’t been invited back since. He says cruel hurtful things to me and his dad constantly and when we try to talk to him about it he said he enjoys hurting people.

He has no empathy, he is always angry, he lies about everything, he is manipulative and very falsely charming around people who don’t know him well. Every time I see a story on the news about a kid k**ling their parents I wonder if that is my future.

I had to quit my job that I loved to be here full time to care for him because no one wants to babysit him. We have him in counseling. We have talked to his doctor. It is not getting better and it seems to be getting worse.

I had a total mental break down several months ago and seriously considered suicide. I am now on anti-depressants and anxiety medication. I go to counseling regularly and am doing everything I can to keep myself sane but most days I don’t want to get out of bed. I always feel like my chest is going to explode. I’m overwhelmed, exhausted and I don’t see any hope of it getting better.

I’m open with people around me that things are hard but I feel like if I admit that I resent him and that it is getting harder to love him that I will be viewed as a bad step mom. So I keep going. I do my best to correct the bad behavior. I shower him in praise when he does something good. I love him when it’s hard and hope that I can make a difference. But, I cannot shake the resentment when I’ve given up everything and there is nothing left of the person I was before I got married.”

7. Oh, man.

“I lived with my aunt in 4th grade, she had a neighbor that lived downstairs so they had a shared backyard. Rule was always make sure the latch is closed on the gate so the dog doesn’t get out. I always made sure to lock it.

One day I forgot. The dog got out (chihuahua) and was ate by a big neighbor dog. Blamed it on the neighbor. She cussed him out and would badmouth him any chance she could. I was too scared to tell her and she still doesn’t know.”

8. Not a fan.

“I really don’t like or care for anyone in my family.

My grandad was the only person in my family who ‘got me’ and I sadly lost him a couple of years back.”

9. Sorry, Mom.

“When I was 13, a nefarious kid in the neighborhood was a shoplifter, and I had just started smoking.

A new gas station just opened up, and back in the day (I’m showing my age here) they left cartons of c**arettes out in the open. Anyway, this kid would steal cartons. So I asked him to steal a carton for me. He said he would, but asked me what I would trade for it. He wanted my Gameboy, but I said I’d give him something better. One of my moms rings.

So in I go, to my moms room, open her jewelry box and bust out a single diamond ring and give it to this a**hole and he gives me a carton of cigs.

To this day, I keep telling myself it was costume jewelry to make myself feel better, but I honestly don’t know.

I’m sorry mom.”

10. Oops.

“When I was in 4th grade, I put mustard in one of my friend’s burger because he had told me that he h**ed mustard.

Turns out he was actually allergic. He didn’t come to school or 3 days and I was scared that I killed him. To this date no one knows that I did it.”

11. Not satisfied.

“My wife and I live quite comfortably with our pets and our marriage is great in a modest house in a rural area and we have good enough jobs to where we don’t have much if any financial worries but I just feel an overall lack of satisfaction with life.

Nothing really thrills me. I drive my realistic dream car, bought her the exact car she wanted outright and we basically do what we want and we’re not far from finishing the complete renovation of our home but while I am present physically and I’m just in so many words “not there”.

12. My little secret.

“I’m a gay man. While on the internet I met this older man and we clicked.

Played games together, talked a lot, Facetime, etc. I figured we were good friends until one day he mentioned the only reason he started talking to me was because I seemed gay. He was correct. So after a few dates, we ended up hooking up a few times. Then literally weeks later my parents invited me to an event to meet my distant family members, I didn’t really want to go but my cousin convinced me it would be fun.

I went there and knew practically no one, my grandfather has 11 sister and 2 brothers so there were many unfamiliar faces. Except for one. It was my internet friend. We pretended to be meeting for the first time. Obviously we kept quiet about it while trying to figure out how we were related.

He’s essentially my grandfathers, sisters, first son. Not only that but he’s married with 3 kids. He told me he was single. After that awkward encounter we distanced ourselves from each other, although occasionally we do still play games together on steam.

I had s** with my first cousin once removed, and a married man. It’s my little secret, mainly because I doubt anyone wants to hear it.”

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