13 People Share Things That’s Made Them Laugh Harder Than They’ve Ever Laughed Before

©Unsplash,Jordan Whitfield

I want you to think hard. Really concentrate. Can you remember the hardest you’ve ever laughed in your entire life and what caused that uncontrollable laughter?

I have a feeling mine was in church (since it was forbidden), but I can’t pinpoint the exact memory.

These AskReddit users remember these special moments, and they were nice enough to share them with all of us. Get ready to LOL!

#1. The train ride

“I was on a train backpacking across Europe with my two best friends, a pale northern girl and a big bearded Sikh dude (He was a hairy gentleman, which is important). We were sat in a carriage with a bunch of older gents and grannies, about 8 of them, probably slightly more. (It was a huge European bullet train)

The train goes round a bend and my Sikh friends bag falls off the top rack and hits the ground… Suddenly we hear a loud vibrating buzz from his bag. A buzz so powerful that the whole bag vibrates. Everyone instantly looks at each other while he jumped out of his seat and grabbed his bag.

One of the sweet old grannies in the carriage smiled and said that he should have taken the batteries out of his vibrator. I instantly lost it and started laughing, as did the girl I was with.

My buddy was so desperate to get the buzzing to stop, he clawed his way into his bag and started tossing his clothes all over the place trying to find it. He said it was a shaver, but most of the people in the carriage didn’t speak English apart from that one granny. Realising this, he tried to motion using an electric shaver… only instead of moving his hand across his cheek like a normal person, this panic stricken massive Sikh dude balled his fist up and started pounding his mouth and moving it around his chin.

I managed to open my eyes long enough to see him giving an invisible blowjob, while throwing underwear across the carnage, while a dozen old ladies also lost their shit. Every. Single. Person. In the carriage was laughing their ass off. It was that moment when I realised this would probably be the funniest thing I will ever see.

He eventually got to his shaver, which, being a huge Sikh dude, was understandably very powerful. I’ve never seen someone crack under pressure like he did, and I’ve never seen so many people laugh as hard.”

#2. Waterslide

“One of my friends went to a water park one summer and tried to call me afterwards but I didn’t answer. Thus she left me a voicemail in which she informed me (through cackling laughter) that she had gone down a very steep waterslide, stood up, and suddenly felt like she had to shit.

She rushed to the bathroom and as soon as she sat down on the toilet she released about a gallon of water that had evidently jetted through her asshole thanks to the velocity of the slide. In her own words, “the girl in the stall next to me probably thought I was a tsunami”

When I first heard it I laughed so hard I cried and couldn’t breathe. Now I just listen to it whenever I need to feel better. Still have the voicemail saved under “Wild Waves 2013.” “

#3. Poor Mom

“My mom tried to crochet a hat, but all she got was this tiny little hat that could fit a mouse. I was crying laughing for days.

Then, a week later, she made a gigantic hat that was way too big for anyone within our family, and again, I lost it.

Still have no idea why.”

#4. Tables got turned

“My boyfriend tries to embarrass me whenever we’re in public by dancing/singing like an idiot. Most of the time it works. One time we were out having dinner and Backstreet Boys starts playing. Of course, he starts singing like an idiot, but it’s a pretty packed restaurant so he does it so quietly that only I can hear it, or so he thought… he even throws in a few dance moves in there.

Then one of the waiters comes up to him and goes “hey man, did you want me to turn this up for you?”, he went BRIGHT red and the waiter actually disappeared to turn it up. Next thing I know, I’m wheezing from laughing so hard because my boyfriend, the embarasser, became the embarassee.”

#5. Hemorrhoids

“My mom would kill me if she saw this but, eh ?‍♀️

My sister and I were doing spring cleaning when we found one of mom’s old purses. I was about to set it aside when i saw the papers inside, I call my mom to ask if I can look at them and she tells me those are the letters she sent to my aunt here from when they lived in the USA for my dads phd. When my aunt passed away, the letters came back to her. She said it’s okay, just be careful and don’t damage anything.

so at this point, my sister and I are already kind of emotional, our aunt was a lovely woman, and her passing was just so sad. So i open one of the letters, waiting to cry my eyes out from all the sentiments written inside and…. my mom starts talking about how bad her hemorrhoids is in the second paragraph…. and doesn’t stop for like 5 paragraphs more…..

Imagine me and my sister sitting down, already teary eyed, expecting pretty emotional stuff when my mom describes how bad it is for sooo long…

We just started to laugh so hard that we couldn’t stop for half an hour. idk if it sounds funny when you read it like this but that was the most i laughed in my life, i nearly cried because of how much i was laughing and it hurt my stomach.

tl;dr was expecting emotional stuff in my moms letter, was ready to cry, she talked about her hemorrhoids for 6 paragraphs, laughed for 30min.”

#6. Wario

“I was a freshman in college and we were playing super smash brothers brawl. It was just my two buddies and I and we had a few beers but weren’t drunk. We were all playing Wario and just stopped fighting and started crawling around. We began losing our shit to the point of absolute hysterics. Suddenly every fucking thing Wario did became the funniest thing we’ve ever seen in our lives. I was on the verge of passing out several times and it became remarkably uncomfortable but I couldn’t stop laughing.”

#7. Cry-laughing

“The scene in Spirited Away where Chihiro falls down that giant staircase. My best friend and I watched it really late at night and we were probably so tired and loopy we just couldn’t stop laughing.. and crying.”

#8. Golden show…slumbers

“While in a hostel in Barcelona the girl on the top bunk beside me was so drunk she started pissing the bed. There was a plastic coating on the mattress for protection. My friend and I could hear the distinct water on plastic sound that she produced. We could even hear the pee running down the side of the mattress and the wall.. We started to giggle but we had to hold it in because we were in a room with 10 other sleeping people.

That was until the girl below her started rustling.. she started sniffling.. and we could tell she was awake.. She jumped out of bed and yelled “DID YOU PEE ON ME” …. my friend and I burst out laughing so hard I could not control it. Hardest I’ve ever laughed and I cant see anything topping that.”

#9. Ouch

“A drunk guy walked right into a bus sign. I was dying laughing. the bus driver stop the bus and laughed until the light went red. IT WAS SO DAMN FUNNY.”


“My friend and I went to Big Boy’s to grab some burgers and when our table was ready, the server screams in a strange accent: “MA TOWEL! MA TOWEL!”

My friends name is Mateo. I cried so hard on the way to my seat.”

#11. LOL

“While ordering breakfast at a restaurant the waiter asked my 8 year old cousin how would he like his eggs. He looks at the waiter like he was crazy and very seriously answered “cooked ” It’s been more then 10 years and we still laugh about it. The poor waiter was trying so hard not to laugh.”

#12. Car trouble

“Tonight I went to pick up my sister who was stranded on the side of the road (car troubles). It’s dark out, I drive up behind her, get out and walk to her passenger side. She’s glancing out the drivers door to see when she can safely exit when I open the passenger door to her complete surprise – she screamed comically loud. She had just hung up the phone with my mom who told her to stay on the line in case something happened, and she brushed my mom off saying no one would want to kidnap her. We laughed so hard I had to just sit for a minute. I’m laughing as I type this.”

#13. Lost in a maze

“When I was 12, my friend was going to throw a halloween party and decorated the basement –including a makeshift maze. I went through it to help her test it out … and straight up got lost. So I’m in this lame basement maze made of like sheets and cardboard and can’t find my way out and she’s shouting directions and we both end up laughing so hard we can’t move, and she may have peed her pants a little.”

#14. Ding Dong

“After my mother’s funeral my brother started slowly and quietly humming “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” from the Wizard of Oz. It was a complicated relationship to say the least. There were more people working than attending the funeral. I was emotionally zapped and I laughed so hard I had to pull the car over.

It was just the two of us and we had a sing along in the car and then were still humming it when we got to the bar to meet our dad. Yes, that probably makes me a bad person.”

#15. Boom!

“When I prank called a guy named Dick Shaker.”