12 People Share Their “Wait! It Gets Much Worse!” Stories

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But wait…it gets worse…

How many times have you heard stories like that in your life?

Or, how many times have things actually happened to you in your life that were like this?

Yikes. It’s never fun, that I can assure you.

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about stories that went from bad to worse.

1. Wow.

“So take a wild guess where I work?

Wuhan. Yes that Wuhan.

I went on holiday on January 20th, I was only supposed to be gone for 8 days in Seoul.

Well, we all know what happened next. Wuhan went into lockdown January 23rd so me and the wife had the choice of being stranded in Korea, or stranded elsewhere in China where lockdowns were happening left and right and Wuhan folk were being treated like sh*t.

So, stayed in Korea a month, then went to Thailand as Korea was just burning through savings.

At this point my work decided even though I was still working remotely, they should knock 20% off my salary because I’m out of the country.

After a month in Thailand we headed back to Bangkok to try to get a flight back to China. Turns out the previous tenant of our hotel room had had an orgy with 5 Thai hookers and all six of them got the virus.

So, yeah, got put into legally enforced isolation with the threat of a two year prison sentence if we left the apartment. Joy.

Those two weeks isolation? My birthday and more importantly the Chinese government closed the border to foreigners. So stranded in Thailand. Cool.

Got caught in the Thai lockdown wave.

As soon as that started to get better, I had to head back to the UK and my wife back to China.

The six month being out of the country mark passed which has f*cked the PR I was about to apply for.

Work then screwed me out of summer pay and flight allowance.

So currently stuck in the UK, no idea when am getting home and just missed the wife’s birthday.

Seven months of sheer joy.”

2. Ouch!

“Messed up a trick skateboarding (air in halfpipe). Landed with the toes of my back foot off the board. They caught on the ground and my foot twisted. Dislocated my ankle.

As my foot continued to turn the bones in my ankle got jammed against the bones in my leg. So I broke off the end of one of my leg bones too (fibula). 3 days in hospital, metal plate and 9 screws.

One of the screws broke later.”

3. Puke party.

“This January my family and I went on summer vacations(I live in Argentina), on my dad’s car. Mid trip my little brother starts to puke on the entire van, we stop we get out to clean ourselves, and everything else, the sun is high on the sky, is so hot that my other brother gets dizzy, as well as my mum.

We continue the trip, for a few hours, everything is ok, but then, my mum asks for some fresh air, and starts to puke next to the road. We keep going as we have other 13 hours of road trip to cover, when the sun is setting my brother has to puke again, but we can’t stop, so he throws up through the window, not without vomiting the entire side of the truck.

But wait, it gets worse!! My dad has to throw up now, and he is driving, again through the window…

We end up on a road motel, in the middle of nowhere, and now I have to throw up now, for the whole night. The 17 hour trip became a 3 day long trip.”

4. Sorry…

“I got married at 21. At 30, I was 9 months pregnant with our second child when the police showed up at the door to arrest my husband….

…for sleeping with a student (he was a high school teacher). He convinced me he was innocent. I asked my parents to pay for his lawyer to the tune of $20k.

One year later, he pleaded out for probation. Plea deal was done on a Friday before a three-day weekend. Paperwork was supposed to be sealed by the court. I logged in Monday to make sure it was, and it wasn’t.

The police paperwork included notes from his interview showing that not only was he guilty of sleeping with the student, but also with another teacher at the time.

I confronted him, and it turns out that he was cheating on me for the last 12 years with a variety of women.

But wait, it gets worse:

I finally got up the courage to take the kids and leave him. We move out in March of 2019. April of 2019, I’m diagnosed with breast cancer. My kids and I have to move for the second time in a month, to move in with my parents while I have surgery.

I’m told that after surgery I’m cancer-free, and we prepare to move back to our new house.

But wait: A last-minute second opinion reveals that I need 5 months of intense chemo followed up by 10 years of anti-hormone therapy. Kids and I unpack again.

Spring 2020: I’m done with treatment, kids and I are getting ready to move home…covid hits. We stay so that at least the family is quarentining together.

But wait:

July 2020, I got covid. FML.”

5. A bad year.

“My 2020:

-January I found out I was autoimmune gluten intolerant .

-February I was plagued with an outdoor roach infestation.

-March I was hit by a car by a lady on her phone (unrecoverable spinal injuries).

-April I found out my wife was cheating on me.

-May I found out I owe 600k in bills from the accident, the person who hit me had terrible insurance that will only cover about 10k worth

-June I found out my dog has fleas and it’s been hell trying to get rid of them

-July I got a call from my doctor about my scans in March. They think it’s stage IV Metastatic lung cancer, but my PCP never read the ER notes and followed up with me.

-August, I should find out the results of the confirmation scans next week.

Update: Nodular lung disease. F*ck. At least its probably not metastasized yet according to the doc. Time to put on my fighting gloves.”

6. That sucks.

“I was in a trade school about 2 years ago and I was in CDL training at this time. One friday, I lost my wallet. I didn’t find it for the whole weekend and I concluded that it had been stolen.

Because I now didn’t have a wallet, I didn’t have my driver’s license, my CDL permit, or my DOT medical card. All of which were required to operate an 18 wheeler owned by the school.

The following Monday, my driving teacher told me to go to the DMV to get a new copy of my license and permit. Unfortunately, the only DMV open was in downtown Pittsburgh.

I got down to the DMV and I waited in line for a solid 2 hours. Once I was called up, the guy told me that they only accept money orders or debit cards, and all I had was some cash. I then had to get another number and walk 3 blocks away to the local rite aid to get money orders.

Another 2 hours later, I’m next in line to be called, and everyone sorta stopped working. All of the counters were open for about 45 minutes, and no explanation was given.

I admit I may have lost my cool on the security lady working there, when she told me that the computer system crashed, and that I need to leave.

I left the DMV as p*ssed off as I’ve ever been, and walked back to my car to find I got a $50 parking ticket.

The next day, I went to my local DMV and got my new license and permit and was able to start driving again… But later that night I found my wallet under my bed.”

7. A trip to Ireland.

“I went on holiday with my parents to Ireland a few years back and one of the days of the trip was one of the worst days of my life. The trip as a whole was fantastic but this one day just sucked.

My parents had booked all the hotels through a travel agency and the night that we were in Cork, we were booked to stay in this spa resort because we got a good deal or something.

At first when we pull up it looked super fancy, you know like a typical resort. But then we find out then we’re not actually staying in the main building and they bring us out to these little cottages.

Okay fine. But then we get in and the entire place smells like sewer and there’s a million stains everywhere. We’re like whatever at first, we’re not that picky and it’s only a night.

The next morning I wake up to find out that my period has started so that’s already a bad start to a day.

Then I find out that the shower doesn’t work and we all have to take baths. My parents go first and then it’s my turn and we run out of hot water. So I have to take a bath in puddle from what’s left in cold water.

But wait…it gets worse

We then decide that we’re gonna buy tickets for one of those hop on hop off tour buses. We buy the tickets and we get on the bus and it’s good at first. We’re seeing the sights it’s pretty whatever.

But then, the bus suddenly gets on the freaking highway and we’re sitting on the open top as branches are wizzing by over our heads fast enough that it could decapitate you if we weren’t ducking.

We find out from the other passengers that this tour bus wasn’t a tour bus but instead a bus taking people back to their cruise ship 40 minutes away.

So we have to sit on the open top of a double decker bus on the highway with branches almost hitting us for 40 min all well I’m terrified that I’m gonna leak through my pants because I’m on my period.

We eventually get to the cruise ship and we find out there’s a train station near by. So we go the train station to get a train back to cork but the last one just left. So we had to wait an hour or so until the next one came.

Don’t really remember what happened after that. It’s funny now to look back on but I was p*ssed when it was happening.

Moral of the story is to not let travel agents book your hotels and to double check the bus you’re getting on.

I highly recommend Ireland though, beautiful place!”

8. Back in 2018.

“2018 marginally beats 2020 because…

My favorite uncle died in January. Having to tell my daughter was hard because nobody expected it.

But wait, it gets worse. In March, my husband and I lose our old, beloved dog after he fell down the stairs, twisted his bowels and couldn’t poop. He was too old for surgery and meds didn’t do a thing and we had to put him down. It was the first time I’ve ever had to make such a hard call and hold him while it was done. Traumatised.

But wait, it gets worse! In May, My husbands beloved grandma died, not unexpectedly but suddenly after a long illness.

But wait, it continues to get worse! During August my husband has a series of bad epileptic fits requiring me to take time off work to care for him and my daughter while he recovers, using up what’s left of my days off resulting in the big boss of my work questioning whether or not I should be let go if I have to be at home so much. (thankfully, I was not let go.)”

9. Falling in love.

“My best friend fell in love with an Indian guy during college. They dated for 2 years and graduated together. Planned on a future and everything.

He had a wife back in India. He had two graduation parties, one to be attended by each girlfriend and a completely different set of family and friends.

But wait, there’s more!

He decides he wants to break up with his wife and try to make it in America. So the wife flies to his city to stalk him.

She ends up getting drunk and breaking into his apartment to pee on his living room floor while ranting about how perfect they would be for each other.”

10. The canoe trip from Hell.

“This is the story of the canoe trip from hell.

I was 15, my sister 16. We were going on a 3 day canoe trip with short portages between lakes/rivers. The first paddle is against the wind. My sister keeps splashing me as she paddles. I get annoyed and splash her back. We are then maliciously splashing each other in fury, making too little progress and exhausting ourselves. We get across. Between the wind and our nonsense, it took at least 45 minutes longer than it should have. It got worse.

Then, we have to get all our supplies and canoes about 3 miles to the next lake. My dad takes two trips because my mom is seasick and feeling….off. My sister and I just leave our stuff in the canoe and carry it, bickering frequently. It sucked. It got worse.

We set up camp at the other edge. It’s getting late. The mosquitoes are so bad they are biting us through our clothes. I swear to you- I was bit through my socks and sneakers. They do not care about the fire we made. They are oblivious to bug spray. It is hot. We stay zipped in our tents and eat. At least my sister and I are getting along. My mom is….weird. We sleep. It’s itchy. It’s hot. It sucks. It got worse.

Just before dawn I wake up to hear my mother sobbing. My dad comes to tell us she’s sick. He and my sister are going to canoe to the next point, which is closer to a road, and try to get a ride back to the car, then drive down a logging road that ran through where we had just hiked the portage.

I have to pack up camp and lug it to that road, about 1 1/2 miles back. They set off at dawn, My mom is pale and says her head really hurts. It took me three trips to bring everything to the logging road. On the last trip, my mom, dizzy and weepy, trails along behind me.

I’m pretty worried. We eat raspberries as we wait an hour or two. It’s the only thing I had eaten all day so far. It’s still hot. There are still mosquitoes, but better than it had been. It got worse.

A logging truck comes through. The guy tells me my dad can’t get down the road. I have to bring everything back to the place we camped and they’ll meet us there. My mom looks even worse. I drag everything back.

I set up a tent for her first and she tries to sleep. Another 3 trips. My dad and my sister come back. We load up the canoes. My mom is now throwing up. I have a clear memory of her leaning over the side of the canoe, weeping and puking, in the twilight.

My sister is just exhausted, so I do most of the paddling, and she steers (we did work well together when we weren’t being jerks). We finally reach the car and pack everything up and head to the nearest hospital, like an hour. My sister and dad sit up front and manage to eat some of the food we didn’t need to cook.

I’m in the back with my mom, who looks at my food and starts retching pink foam that smells like raspberries. I sigh and hand my sandwich to my sister.

After testing, it turned out to be a neurological condition that usually gives no signs until stroke or death (arteovenuos malformation). She needed a few surgeries and treatment, but there was no lasting damage.

We never went on a long canoe trip again.”

11. Uggghhhh.

“April 2016 An SUV runs a red light and hits my car and I end up with broken right humerus (upper arm bone) and left wrist along with multiple broken ribs and bruises from neck to pelvis from the seatbelt. Required plates pins and screws to put my arm and wrist back together.

But wait it gets worse

During the full body scan they did to check for internal injury, they found some lumps on my thyroid and a mass in my pelvis. Had to be biopsied for cancer, no to both of those.

But wait, it gets worse

Turns out during a scan to check the pelvic tumor, we found uterine cancer. So total hysterectomy May2017. Thank goodness stage 1, no lymph nodes, so no chemo needed.

But wait it gets worse

Since I was on FMLA twice in less than a year, guess who gets laid off her job? Yes me.

But wait it gets worse

Guess who trips on a cord in Dec2017 and breaks her femur into pieces. Requires pins, plates and screws to repair. In hospital 26 days, no weight bearing 6 weeks.

But wait it gets worse

One year later the bone has not healed, so another surgery and start all over. Two years out of work, and I to this day use a walker and can only walk a few feet at a time.

But I do have a job, remote, so that is good.”

12. A wedding story.

“Friends of mine were getting married.

There were planning a huge, fancy wedding in the major city where they lived (they both had large families and many friends). About a month before the wedding, the groom’s mother has a massive heart attack.

Miraculously, she somehow survives, but it seems unlikely she’ll be able to attend the wedding because it was being held about 1000 mi away from mom’s home.

However, She continues to improve and her doctor determines that she will be healthy enough to travel to the wedding by car. So, the groom’s parents start heading out about three days before the wedding so they can take the trip slowly and get to the major city the day before the wedding.

Mom’s tired, but doing ok. She decides to skip out on the rehearsal dinner so that she can conserve her energy for the wedding and reception.

Mom wakes up the next day, gets dressed, gets her hair and nails done, looks gorgeous. Her husband drives her to the church and gets her settled in the front pew.

The wedding is to start in about 15 minutes. Just as the bride is getting ready to walk down the aisle, mom collapses in the church. An ambulance is called. Groom helps get mom into the ambulance, dad goes with mom to the hospital (with groom’s blessing).

Wedding goes on as scheduled about 30 minutes after the initial start time because there are 2 other weddings scheduled at the church that particular day. Wedding ceremony is beautiful.

Then, there was a gorgeous reception near by just afterward. Reception is beautiful and then there was an afterparty that evening, also a ton of fun.

We find out the next day that the groom’s mother had passed in the church and was dead by the time the ambulance arrived. They made a show of trying to revive her, but she was gone.

The groom KNEW THIS but didn’t want to ruin his bride’s wedding day, so, though he had just watched his mother DIE, he plastered a smile on his face and got through the day. He just told the bride they were taking his mom to the hospital to stabilize her. He didn’t tell her what actually happened until the next day.

The whole thing was so crazy, but, despite all of it, they’re still married 25 years later and have three gorgeous kids, so while the wedding was kind of a disaster, the marriage most definitely worked!”

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