12 People Share What They Think Are the Strangest Unsolved Mysteries

There are so many intriguing unsolved mysteries out there that it can be hard to keep up with all of them.

D.B. Cooper, the Black Dahlia, the Zodiac Ki**er, the list goes on and on…

And there are probably a bunch you’ve never heard of, but we’re gonna change that today.

Let’s hear from folks on AskReddit about what they think are the strangest unsolved mysteries.

1. Wild.

“The m**ders of billionaires Barry & Honey Sherman found d**d in their mansion in Toronto by their realtor.

They were found with their necks tied, fully clothed on their pool deck with no signs of a break in. Well known philanthropists, Barry was in the pharmaceutical industry and they donated millions annually to multiple charities. The police originally believed it was a m**der s**cide and didn’t pursue other leads.

The family launched a private investigation that found the evidence didn’t support that theory and thus proved police incompetence.

As the public became more interested, it was discovered there was a whole family dispute over inherited shares of the apotex company. The Sherman’s nieces and nephews had launched lawsuit over their right to inherit shares which they lost and most accepted.

The Sherman’s children hired private investigators bc of the inept toronto police. It uncovered an unknown man leaving the property around the time of the m**ders.

The case is fascinating and is the subject of multiple podcasts, a book, and movie.”

2. Lovers Lane.

“Houston Tx Lovers Lane M**ders.

During the summer of 1990, 22-year-old Cheryl Henry met 21-year-old Andy Atkinson through friends at Yucatan Liquor. Andy was home for the summer from Stephen F. Austin State University and the two started dating. On August 22, 1990, the two, who had been dating now for around two weeks, had planned a double date with Cheryl’s younger sister Shane.

Each couple went their separate ways to continue the night. Shane said she kissed her sister goodnight and told her “I love you” around 11:30 PM. It was what they always did. But when Shane woke up in the morning, Cheryl still wasn’t home. And over at Andy’s house, he also hadn’t returned home. Both families contacted the police.

A search was conducted for the couple and for the car they were in–Andy’s white Honda civic. In the early evening of August 23rd, Houston police located Andy’s car after a guard–who was doing a sweep of an industrial area– called it in. It was parked in an isolated cul de sac on Enclave Road, an area often used as a Lovers’ Lane.

When police approached the car, it was clear something awful had happened. The windows were rolled down. The key was still in the ignition. The seats were laid back and a cassette was in the dash. On the floorboard of the passenger side was a woman’s shoes and purse. But most chillingly, there were fresh signs of blood in the car.

Just before midnight, the dogs led police to an area roughly 200 yards from Andy’s car. A golf club and three golf balls seemed to have been purposefully placed, pointing to pieces of a rotting cedar fence on the ground. Police looked under the pieces of fence, and found the body of Cheryl. She was face down.

Her clothes had been cut off and tossed near her remains. Her hands were bound behind her back with hemp rope. She had been s**ually assaulted and her throat was slashed with three gashes. Near her body was also a twenty dollar bill.

The search continued for Andy. The next morning, about 100 yards from Cheryl’s body in the tree line, authorities discovered Andy’s body. He was fully clothed with his back against a tree and his hands bound, like Cheryl’s. And like Cheryl, his throat had also been slashed.

But the slash was so deep he was nearly decapitated. His watch and money were still on his person, ruling out the possibility of robbery as the primary motive. After 32 years this mystery is still unsolved.”

3. Whoa.

“The disappearance of an extra from Scarface.

Tammy Lynn Leppert went missing after a few days of shooting a scene for the film (I think she was the girl Manny flirts with before he shoots up the motel to save Tony) but apparently she was behaving really erratically at home.

She left her mother’s house on the morning of July 6, 1983, likely to keep shooting, and was never seen again.”

4. The boy in the box.

“On February 25, 1957, a body of an unidentified boy was found in a box in an illegal dumping ground near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The boy was estimated to be around 4 to 6 years old, weighed about 30 pounds, and stood around 3’3”. He was found naked but wrapped in a blanket. His hair was recently cut and his body was recently washed clean. There were small scars on his chin, groin, and left ankle, some of which proved he went through a small medical procedure.

He was found with blunt force trauma to the head that was determined to be the cause of d**th and there were no witnesses. The body was found by a young man who was walking through the abandoned lot. Strangely, the man waited a whole day before contacting the police and even a second man had previously found the boy’s body but had not contacted the police because he didn’t want to get involved.

With the cold weather and delayed phone call, police weren’t able to accurately estimate the time of the boy’s d**th. In order to identify the boy, the body was kept in the morgue while visitors from 10 different states tried to look for identifiable marks to no avail. Police sent out 400,000 flyers of the boy to police stations, post offices, and courthouses all over the country.

Even the American Medical Association sent out a description of the boy but it led nowhere. The police compared the boy’s footprints to hospitals in the area and even took fingerprints but no records showed that the boy ever existed.

In 2016, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children released a forensic facial reconstruction of the victim and added him into their database. Unfortunately, the boy has never been identified and the case still remains open.”

5. Who was it?

“The 169th victim of the Oklahoma City bombing.

They found an additional leg in the rubble. DNA tests showed it belonged to another victim who had already been buried but with the wrong leg. The wrong leg had already been embalmed, so they could not get DNA at the time. So who did this leg belong to?

All other legs had been accounted for in other victims. They found no other body parts, and nobody else had been reported missing. It was only until 2015 they could get DNA from the leg, but it’s still classified as a John Doe.

A few conspiracy theories had popup like maybe a second bomber that got caught in the blast but it’s still unknown.”

6. Ghost ship.

“On December 4, 1872, a British-American ship called “the Mary Celeste” was found empty and drifting in the Atlantic.

It was found to be seaworthy and with its cargo intact, except for a lifeboat, which it appeared had been boarded in an orderly fashion.

No one knows what happened to the crew or why they left the ship.”

7. Disappeared.

“The Springfield Three.

A mother, her daughter, and her daughters friend all disappeared from their home in the middle of the night, leaving no evidence behind.

It’s believed that they were kidnapped, but no one really knows anything.”

8. Weird.

“1986 “Missing Boy of Somosierra”, Juan Pedro Martínez.

Kid’s father is a truck driver. He is tasked with taking a semi carrying a tank of sulfuric acid from Cartagena to Bilbao, and brings his wife and son to make it a little family trip.

When they pass through the Somosierra Mountain pass, the truck is reported as driving erratically, and then it crashes. The cabin is destroyed, both parents are k**led in the crash, but kid apparently just f**king vanishes off the face of the earth

The “obvious” explanation is he somehow survived the crash and wandered off, but the area was thoroughly searched, and no trace of him was found.

Some have theorized that the sulfuric acid dissolved his body. This wouldn’t work either, because it would take longer than that to dissolve a body, and because it would have left traces.

There are a few unexplained and unusual details as well:

Andrés was apparently a decent driver and in good health, and there was nothing wrong with the truck. Why was he driving so badly, especially through mountains with steep cliffs, with his whole family on board?

The truck’s tachometer recorded a number of unexplained starts and stops that didn’t match the traffic patterns. What’s that about?

There were traces of cocaine found, not in the cabin, but inside the tank with the sulfuric acid. Why?

Unverified reports claim that two people arrived at the scene before emergency services and removed a small package from the cabin. Is this true, and if so, who were they, and what are they doing?

Almost a year later, in 1987, a boy matching Juan Pedro’s description was reported in Madrid. He was accompanying an elderly woman, and they were asking about the location of the US Embassy. Was this Juan Pedro, and if so, who is he with, and why?”

9. Creepy.

“Tim Molnar. Sends chills down my spine.

Young kid from Florida, family oriented and in college, all the good stuff. One day (in 1984), instead of taking his usual route to school, he decides to drive 50 miles in the opposite direction. He stopped to get gas, and continued on.

Four months after he had disappeared, his folks received a letter from an auto impound company in Atlanta, Georgia which said that he had left his car in a parking lot six days after he had initially vanished. They also discovered that he had pretty much emptied his bank account just before he left.

On January 31, 1996, a show about unsolved mysteries aired, and Tim Molnar was on it. A guy named Steven Cull who had seen it called and told them that he recognized Tim’s clothes as the ones he had found on a body frozen in an ice block lot in Neosho, Wisconsin 10 years earlier.

Through DNA testing, the body was confirmed to be Tim’s. So tell me: how does this 24 year old kid who was incredibly close with his family end up 1,300 miles away from his home frozen in an ice block in bumf**k Wisconsin?”

10. Sad.

“What happened to Ireland’s most beloved racehorse Shergar?

It’s widely believed the IRA kidnapped him for ransom and ended up shooting him to d**th as he got too much to deal with. However, even long after ending their campaign the IRA has been admitting to the kidnappings and k**lings of several people, especially in relation to The Disappeared, but haven’t mentioned Shergar once.

Surely they would’ve come out and claimed responsibility by now if they were behind it?”

11. Suddenly gone.

“The disappearance of Brandon Swanson.

He was driving home from a party and drove into a ditch. He called his parents and was on the phone with them as he was unsure of his exact location.

He told his parents he was outside of a town and they drove over to pick him up. They were on the phone with him as they were driving, but were unable to locate him. He went silent after saying “Oh s**t” and was never to be seen again.”

12. A scary one.

“Asha Degree lived in my town.

In 2000, she walked out of her home willingly at age 9 in the middle of the night on Valentines Day during a massive storm. She was sighted multiple times walking down an extremely rural and desolate highway by herself in the pouring rain and then was never seen again.

Her book bag was discovered miles away buried in a trash bag a year later. How was a 9 year old convinced to leave her home alone in the middle of the night, in a storm, to walk down a deserted highway? How has there been no substantive leads at all since 2001?”

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