12 People Share What They Think Is Normal at 3 P.M. But Terrifying at 3 A.M.

I think that hearing your dog bark at 3 in the morning is pretty darn scary.

3 p.m.? No big deal at all, totally normal stuff.

But in the middle of the night?

That’s not something you want to hear…

Now let’s see what folks had to say about this on AskReddit.

1. Uh oh…

“My google home on max volume saying “MICROPHONE DISCONNECTED.” “MICROPHONE CONECTED.”

I live alone.”

2. Alarming.

“Breaking News.

It’s wasn’t 3am, but still somewhat late as both my dad and I were in bed, when we got alerts for a special presidential address for when SEAL Team 6 k**led Bin Laden.

I remember knocking on his door and whisper yelling “Dad, Daaad, we need to go turn on the TV .” It was just us living there, idk why I was whisper yelling lol I was thinking that maybe someone was a**assinated or we were about to be bombed, expecting something terrible.”

3. It’s a twister!

“Tornado Siren Test.

Guaranteed it’s not a test at 3am.”

4. Sounds like a horror movie.

“My kids used to have a book that, when opened, played nursery rhymes.

It turns out that when the battery is running low the book does two things.

1- It plays the tune even while closed

2- It plays the tune really slow and in a lower pitch

You can see where this is going right?

Middle of the night me and my husband are woken by “twiiiiinkle twiiiiiiiiiiiinkle liiiitle staaaaar” being croaked at us from under our toddler’s bed.”

5. Now you’re awake.

“Dog standing at the top of the stairs and barking at something on the main floor.

This happened with my last dog. I was sleeping with the door open and she was sleeping at the end of the bed. I felt her move in the middle of the night and it woke me up so I looked down to see her slowly standing up and looking out the bedroom door.

She jumped off the bed and started going insane and barking. She was frantically stepping across the threshold of the room and then backing up into the room. It was like she was trying to get something/someone to back off but it kept spooking her back into the room.

I couldn’t see out the door from my angle so I had no idea what she was barking at. She didn’t even acknowledge me as I was yelling at her to stop, which is weird because she was generally good at listening and also NEVER barked.

Then she all of a sudden stopped barking, jumped back up on the bed and went to sleep. I have no idea what the hell she was barking at. We were the only 2 living things in the house and the cameras around the outside of the house didn’t pick anything up the entire night.”

6. Usually not good.

“A phone call from family.

My Mom called me at 2:42am the other night. I woke up to her call and dreaded the worst as I answered.

She couldn’t remember her password to get into her Facebook.”

7. Who’s there?

“A knock on the door.

As kids we would play doorbell ditch sometimes during sleepovers and thought it was the best.

It has happened to me a few times and it scared the s**t of me.”

8. Creepy.

“My partner and I were woken by a young boy maybe 7 years old across the street riding one of those Huffy Slider Trike’s in the street at 3:30am

She went to the window and asked me “what kinda Freddy Krueger s**t is this?””

9. Ugh!

“There’s nothing more precious than a child’s laughter, unless it’s 3 in the morning and you don’t have kids.”

10. Get under the covers.

“House sounds.

During the day if the house creaks or what ever, who cares…

If it’s night, holy f**k, demon in the darkness.”

11. The mist.

“Those automatic air freshener sprays.

Yes. I got the s**t scared out of me by a “psst” from the pitch black living room in the middle of the night.”

12. Terry, is that you?

“Feeling like something jumped on the bed.

At 3pm my door is open and it might be my cat.

At 3am, might be my sleep paralysis monster Terry.

Terry is very off putting.”

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