12 People Share What They Think Was Ruined Because Too Many Folks Started Doing It

Well, it’s no fun anymore because now everyone is doing it

There’s no doubt that you’ve heard people say that before…and sometimes it can definitely be true.

So let’s see what AskReddit users say was ruined because too many people started doing it.

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1. Over the top.

“Subscription everything…especially software.

I want to buy Office/AutoCAD one time and use it for a decade.

I don’t want to buy it every year.”

2. That’s too bad.

“We had an amazing Halloween house in our small town, walking distance from my place. Every year the family who owned it would bring in Hollywood level props and lighting and 10 or so actors in full regalia to replicate a Pirates of the Caribbean scene all around the property.

The Jack Sparrow was a dead ringer for Johnny Depp. Every kid would get a bag full of real candy, not the mini Halloween stuff. Unfortunately people started coming from other towns and it turned into a mob scene to the point that cops had to direct traffic and they shut it down.”

3. Sucks.

“Visiting major historical sites…

Most of them have been turned into badly maintained, super expensive tourist traps.

Add in the trash and damages tourists do, and yikes.”

4. Oh, no!

“Craft fairs.

Now they’re crowded with dozens of MLMs.

I just want to find knitted slippers made by an old lady who clearly has a drinking problem, not more Norwex.”

5. Clean it up.

“Havasupi Falls in AZ.

Went back in the early 2000’s and it was nice and little to no trash…. Now all these f**k heads have trashed the park and over crowded it for a effing Instagram post making wait times ungodly long.

I hold great anger towards people that litter in cities but i get enraged at dipsh**s that litter in parks! Like wtf is wrong with you people?! CLEAN UP YOUR S**T!

And for those who actually care please bring a waste bag and we can start cleaning up after these people.”

6. Not anymore…

“You used to be one of only a few people around bidding on storage lockers.

It used to be a fun hobby I gave up on because it became too popular and people are grossly overpaying for the lockers which is often time just paying to make a dump run for someone.”

7. Ruined.

“Flying drones.

Thanks to all the idiots doing dumb s**t with them, it’s not even worth getting into the hobby nowadays – you pretty much can’t fly anywhere worth flying, need all sorts of permits, are constantly risking hefty fines or even being investigated for terrorism… no thanks.”

8. Used to be cheap.

“Thrift shopping.

15 years ago the prices were soooo cheap and you could always find a gem.

Now they’re always crowded and everything is overpriced and you might find something good once every 2-3 visits if you’re lucky.”

9. What happened?

“Used to love Airbnb years ago.

Now it’s pricier than a lot of decent hotels, and some of the house rules are nutty.”

10. Totally overdone.

“Cooking shows. It used to be a few talented chefs who had shows to teach.

Now it’s every d**n celebrity who can or cannot cook making the same recipes as everyone else.”

11. All about profit.


Started out as a legit community to buy & sell original handmade arts & crafts, all kinds of art made and sold by the artists. It was really cool.

Then it started to turn a profit and it became whatever the f**k it is now.”

12. That stinks.

“Farmers markets.

Used to be tons of actual farmers offering samples and selling fruits and vegetables out of the back of janky busted up farm trucks.

Now it’s dozens of hipsters and mlms selling expensive bulls**t, maybe one or two food stalls selling sh**ty marked-up food, and maybe one actual farmer if you are lucky, and half the time he’s just selling preserves instead of fresh fruits and vegetables.”

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