12 People Share What They Will Boycott for the Rest of Their Lives

I’m not going to name names, but there are certain products that I don’t buy and certain establishments that I don’t go to because of their beliefs and stances on certain issues.

And that’s my right as a consumer, so I don’t want to hear any smart remarks about it, are we clear?

But that’s just me…

And I know there are a ton of folks out there who boycott all kinds of businesses and goods because they just can’t support them for one reason or another.

People took to AskReddit to share what they plan on boycotting for the rest of their lives.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. W0w.

“The gas station on Valley Road in Montclair across from Alexus Steakhouse that didn’t let me use their bathroom and I s**t my pants.”

2. Who needs tickets?!?!


The way they handled the pandemic with changing their policies in peak pandemic so people could only recover credit or resell their tickets instead of receiving cash for cancelled events was ridiculous.

I was forced to hold my Coachella ticket for 2 years, then they decided to refund everyone this year when they realized they would make more money since the ticket prices will surge when the event is back in 2023.”

3. Interesting.

“Shaw Academy.

Sleazy little f**ks. Their lies in advertising, and nearly impossible to cancel a subscription with them.

Tried doing a course that was “a free 4 week course”. The course was free for the first 4 weeks but the way they sold it was that the course itself was 4 weeks and free. They say you can finish a course as fast or long as you want, but I think it caps out at 3 lessons a week making you stay in the program for a few months, paying monthly.

Trying to cancel is a nightmare. Sifting through pages and pages of “are you sure you want to cancel”, “here’s a 5% discount”, “fill this form out, now this one, and now this one”. All to get to a phone number that is only valid to call for a couple hours a day.

When you finally get to call, it’s an automated message. 10 minutes of a robot telling me it cares about me and wants me to stay. Only to FINALLY press 2 to cancel my subscription.”

4. That sucks.


Escaped an a**sive relationship, and was changing all my passwords to random combinations. Set it to log out all devices and force the password to be re-entered. It wasn’t actually doing that. (I tried from multiple devices so it wasn’t a keylogger or anything my a**sive ex was doing. I also confirmed if I logged in on other devices, reset password and clicked to log out all devices it was not logging other devices out).

A**sive ex was bidding/winning auctions. I called eBay to report the issue. They said it isn’t that my account has been hacked/fraud because I know who is doing it. They would do NOTHING. Said I would just have to take the bad feedback and be blacklisted and that I should pick better partners.

Didn’t matter that they had a major security flaw. All I could do was remove the payment methods from my account so he couldn’t pay for his auctions.

I will never use them again.”

5. No way.


I may inadvertently grab one of it’s products, but when I see the name, I always put it back.”

6. Gross.

“Anything that even has a hint of MLM.

Stop exploiting your personal relationships out of greed.”

7. Hmmm…


I obviously can’t boycott them if it’s the only delivery option on an e-commerce website, or if someone/company happens to ship me something via FedEx.

But I have literally chosen to pay more on an e-commerce website, to specifically not use FedEx as a shipping service.

Reason: When I bought my Pixel 3, the first day it was supposed to arrive, I worked from home that day to sign for my package. They never arrived, and on the tracking, wrote that I wasn’t home to receive the package.

I was furious, so I spent the next two days working from home, and even did my work in the kitchen, so that I could physically see if any delivery driver actually walks up to my door. 3 straight f**king days in a row, not a single person comes up. Ring doorbell even doesn’t show them walking up, but they have THE MOTHER F**KING AUDACITY to claim I wasn’t home 3 straight days in a row.

I ended up having to pick it up at their facility. Just because they LIED 3 times in a row, even after a phone call each day the first two days, the customer service person even told me I probably missed them when I went to the restroom or something -_- Can’t even own up to the f**king fact that everybody in their company are a bunch of f**king liars.

So for that reason alone, I pay more for shipping as long as it’s not FedEx. I’ve specifically driven a further distance to get something printed at Staples or Office Depot just so I don’t step foot into a FedEx store.

Boycotting FedEx until the day I d**.”

8. No more working out there.

“Lifetime Fitness. It really pains me to write this, because I really love their gyms.

I had a membership at Lifetime on and off through college. I went to a very large university with great amenities, so I didn’t need the membership during the school year. I tried to cancel at the end of one summer. I was at the gym one day and I asked about cancellation. I was told to come back at a certain time frame the following Wednesday to cancel. I complied.

When I showed up the “person doing the cancellations wasn’t there.” I was told to return the following Wednesday. Surprise, surprise, the person wasn’t there again. I told them I was going to stop the payment through the credit card company. They responded by telling me that they’d take me to collections then. I ended up escalating through their corporate offices to get the membership cancelled.

They managed to get 2 extra months of fees out of me. After that year of college, I shifted over to LA Fitness, and maintained that membership for about 10 years. When I moved away from LA Fitness, I joined the YMCA, where I’ve been for the last 5-6 years. I will always have a gym membership, but I am committed to not joining a Lifetime Fitness again until am reimbursed.

It’s really a loss for both of us.”

9. That’s terrible.

“I have been boycotting Carnival Cruise Lines ever since I found out they are dumping plastic into the Bahamas.

They even admitted to it and received a 20 million dollar fine.”

10. No more of that.

“Sirius XM radio.

If you’ve ever dealt with the customer service when trying to cancel your subscription, you’ll understand why.”

11. I had no idea.


They are horrible to small businesses and require them to pay a fortune for ads to bury any negative reviews.

If the business doesn’t spend on ads, they bury the positive reviews.

Yelp also seems to attract the worst critics.”

12. Never again.


I once bought a used car sight unseen (rare model, whole other story) and had it shipped to my state. Since it was a pretty big investment on a used car known to have high maintenance costs, I called CarShield to see what they would charge for a warranty. I ended up being okay with the cost and coverage so I accepted and signed up on the phone, took about 30 minutes all in.

The car showed up later that week and was a disaster. Clearly had been damaged since the pictures were taken, engine knock, etc. I had used a 3rd party site and was able to ship the cat back for a full refund. I thought that would be the hard part, but then I tried to cancel my CarShield policy….

I spent over 4 hours on the phone. First, I had multiple people argue with me and say that I should keep the policy because I had “introductory pricing” that I couldn’t get again. Keep the policy, on a car I didn’t even purchase. Then when that tactic failed, I would simply get hung up on and transferred to some other rep.

I’d repeat my demand to cancel my policy, listen to them tell me to keep it, and get placed back on hold. Finally I found someone kind (?) Enough to actually let me cancel my policy.

Never. Again.”

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