12 People Share When They Realize That Life Isn’t Fair

News flash: life isn’t fair!

Yes, it’s true, and when you learn that fact it can be tough…but it happens to all of us at some point.

Read on to see when AskReddit users realized that life was just not fair.

1. Terrible.

“I developed a chronic illness at the age of 8.

It’s incurable.

Life ain’t fair, guys.”

2. Does karma exist?

“Seeing bad people who never get their “karma” and live happy lives after doing horrible things.”

3. Wears you down.

“Watching great people d** and horrible people succeed.

It really wears you down after a while.”

4. Sorry for your loss.

“Wife and I got cancer at the same time.

She was a much nicer human than I was.

I made it, she didn’t.”

5. That’s life.

“That you develop the wisdom to recognize your mistakes far later than when you make them…”

6. Sucks.

“My Dad is the hardest working man I’ve ever met.

When I was growing up, he always had a full time job and a couple side hustles. Now, he’s 71 and still working as a heavy equipment operator. I was never sure if he wanted to retire or not but last year he finally admitted to me that he can’t afford to retire.

Back when the housing bubble burst in ’09, they got caught between two houses ( they had bought one and hadn’t sold the other yet) and it wiped out their retirement savings.”

7. Hard to accept.

“When I had to accept that people I am close to can die randomly, and I have to keep living on after that?

The fact that life is unpredictable is really hard to accept.”

8. Messed me up.

“My dad d**d when I was a kid, and even though it really messed me up as a teenager, as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to understand more and more how much it hurt my grandma.

Life isn’t fair when it comes to sickness and mortality. We like think we’ll live forever but it might be over a lot sooner than you’d expect.”

9. Awful.

“My little sister passed away from a rare disease when she was 17 and I went with my parents to identify her d**d body.

People have absolutely no idea what toll it takes on parents and siblings to lose a child that young.”

10. Ouch…

“In elementary school when Santa brought a terrible kid in my class a new PlayStation while I just got 4-striped Adidas.”

11. Too bad.

“I trained constantly to get into college for basketball and I was a very good player. Finally got a college scholarship, one day in high school I had a game and I fell down and almost d**d from what I hear.

Turns out I had VSD (ventricular septal defect). Couldn’t play basketball ever again after all my hard work. But after all the pain for years, I found this quote that stuck with me:

“Suffering ceases to be suffering when it finds a meaning.” -Viktor Frankl.”

12. The struggle.

“I’ve struggled my whole life. Lived in poverty. Was picked on all throughout elementary & high school for being poor. Best friend committed s**cide at 18, I became a drug addict and was on the streets because it f**ked me up so badly.

Fought my way outta rehab, got a job, worked my a** off, saved what I could. Met a beautiful woman who eventually became my wife, have 2 amazingly blessed children. But we still struggle.

We both work our a**es off to provide for our family and it feels like it’s never enough. I see a**holes who treat ppl like s**t get ahead in life and just coast. It f**king sucks feeling like you’ll never make it no matter what you do. It’s not fair, but you make the best of what you were dealt. I keep pushing in hopes my kids will be better than I was.”

When did you realize that life isn’t fair?

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