12 People Talk About Jobs Where You Can Absolutely Not Screw Up at All

In my humble opinion, I think it would be TERRIFYING to be a surgeon or an astronaut or something like that.

There’s way too much pressure!

And you can’t screw up, which I am very good at…

What’s a job you absolutely CAN NOT not screw up at?

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Makes sense.

“When I visited Johnson Space Center, we got to watch the Mission Control people.

The guy explicitly said that job requires you to make exactly zero mistakes.”

2. Going down for the count.


They’re some of the most highly paid medical professionals because f**king up your anesthetic means k**ling you with too much, or you waking up in surgery with too little.

No matter who you are or what you did, never lie to the Anesthesiologist when they’re asking questions.”

3. Yikes.

“I did a rock climbing wall with my friend when we were 18.

They messed up and didn’t secure her harness. I watched her fall from the very top.

2 weeks in the hospital. 2 months in rehab. It was awful.”

4. For the little ones.

“Pediatric pharmacy.

The only error my husband made in something like 10,000 scripts was nutrition. Never a medication error.

He’d remember the kids by name and would question changes (typos on the doctors’ parts) because he knew the kid hadn’t gained/lost that much weight that fast.

Their dosages are by weight, not age.”

5. A fraction of a millimeter.

“My ex made a small miscalculation on an industrial part he was engineering for like a big crane and cost his company hundreds of thousands of dollars and they had to shut down.

The part was for a high precision valve where even a fraction of a millimeter is the difference between something being perfect and absolutely useless.

As a web developer if that were the case in my industry I would be out of a job today.”

6. Houston, we have a problem.


If you mess up in space it’s usually bad.”

7. No mistakes.

“Air traffic control.

At one point, it was ranked the most stressful job in the world based on number of decisions per minute.

You’re responsible for a LOT of lives.”

8. Scary.

“The people who climb and repair those radio towers. my brother fell off one of the towers while working on it.

His harness luckily caught him and they got him down and he was immediately fired.”

9. Up on the roof.

“So I do metal roofs.

When doing the cap there is no place to fasten for a harness.

Do not make a mistake with your footing.”

10. Ugh.

“Working in the blood bank.

Any f**kup, even the tiniest clerical error, can cause someone to d** a horrible d**th.”

11. Better be careful…

“I was a software dev for trading tools that were used on the stock market.

You’re literally writing the code that executed millions of dollars of transactions.

I’ll never do it again.”

12. Sounds terrifying.

“Underwater welder.

And they have the fatality rate statistics to prove it.”

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