12 People Talk About What They Think Are Subtle Signs That Someone Isn’t a Good Person

Have you ever met someone and you just got a hint that they weren’t a good person?

I think it’s happened to all of us at least once or twice and it can be an eerie feeling.

AskReddit users shared what they think are subtle signs that someone is no good.

1. Doofus.

“I know a guy who just randomly, and unwarranted, will tell me private info about other people in his life and some of it is very personal. I actually get embarrassed for the people that this doofus goes around telling everybody about.

I’ve never told this guy any of my personal problems, and never will. In his eyes, I’m the more boring and superficial person on the planet, I’m happy about that.”

2. Nasty.

“My best friend’s girlfriend threw trash out of her truck when she was driving around.

Said she had always done that since she was a kid.

It was, in fact, reflective of her character, as we all found out later.”

3. Time to cut it off.

“Borrowing money and forgetting to / claims he already paid it back.

Borrowing tools / clothing and breaking or ruining them.

By this time you should cut all ties.”

4. At the firehouse.

“Literally everyone at my fire department.

Its like constantly working in a high school locker room filled with drama. Im over it, I just sit by myself all day everyday now. Now they talk about me.

F**k em.”

5. True.

“How they treat people in the service industry.

When they act like they are better than waiters, fast food employees, or retail workers.”

6. A big downer.

“They react negatively to others accomplishments.

Ie: pointing out something negative about a person being praised.”

7. Totally rude.

“When you’re going out and they judge or make a rude comment about a random person passing by.”

8. No accountability.

“Having zero accountability and saying anything they can to get out of their bad actions.

“I’m not wrong, you’re misinformed” — avoid this person if they are clearly wrong.

Just run!”

9. Duped.

“When you think they are really great people, responsible/kind/good, but then after a while you look back on situations and realise you had been duped and they are incredibly manipulative.”

10. I don’t get it.

“If they have to film nice things they do or brag about it… And then having some weird sense of entitlement about it.”

11. And…we’re done.

“Your pet d**s.

Them: Dude, it’s just an animal.”

12. You’ve heard this one before.

“I’ve learned that when someone is claiming to be really “direct” or “blunt” or “honest” it is often a self justification for being controlling and rude.”

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