12 People Who Got Mustaches Tattooed on Their Fingers Talk About What They’re up to Now

Do you remember this craze?

When people got tattoos of mustaches on their fingers so they could hold their fingers up on their faces whenever someone pulled a camera out?

Those were the days!

But what happened to the folks who took the step to actually get those tattoos?

Check out what AskReddit users said they’re up to now…

1. Chilling and plotting.

“Chilling with the girls who got stars behind their ears in 2014.

Plotting against the girls that got the dandelion tattoos in 2017.”

2. Still got it!

“I got it after a friend who is a tattoo artist said it would fade after 5 years.

It’s been 8-9 years and my whiskers are still here.”

3. Yikes.

“My younger sister has one.

She’s been in and out of jail and struggling through a m**h and h**oin addiction.

She also lost custody of her son after abandoning him in her drug dealer’s driveway.”

4. Get rid of it.

“I had that finger removed.

Mustache still cool though.”

5. Long gone.

“I did a black light tattoo of a mustache on my finger in 2007.

It’s faded and gone.

I miss it.”

6. Doing okay.

“I’m alright, surprisingly. Stopped drinking since then. Got married.

About to finish my masters in Educational Psychology. Teaching now.

My students think it’s hilarious, so I guess I’ve got that going for me.”

7. Wow!

“Male here. I got my fingerstache in 2000 working at a tattoo shop. It was a joke about rednecks coming in. I created a wikipedia entry on it.

Shortly after I noticed my picture appeared on various online funny image sites like Something Awful and, honestly, I cant remember the names of the others. In 2006 I moved to Bay Area and met a girl and dated.

She had a fingerstache which she told me was influenced by the Wikipedia article picture, unbeknownst to her, was me. My picture is still up. The relationship didnt last, but my fingerstache is still going strong. For giggles, here’s my stache 22 years later.

8. Memories…

“Happily married. Tattoo is faded as hell. Dumbest thing I did while d**nk.

Good memories though. Got it after finals. Went to the bar with friends, all got the mustache after. Mine was pink. We did a rainbow. Yes. I’m fully aware pink isn’t in the rainbow.

But we had 10 of us. So we added pink, a sea green color and this weird color that’s kinda red but also mostly purple.(found out the color I couldn’t think of is mauve).”

9. A solid move.

“Had an employee that still had hers. A bit faded but they all were bartenders that got it from getting tired of drawing them on with sharpies.

Sounded like good times. She had a great career and then just had to take care of things and work part time which is how I came to know her. Sounded like a fun celebratory fulfilled life I gather and she is doing great.

The mouchtache brings stories and puts her in a fun mood when people ask about it so was a solid move!”

10. Not so wild anymore.

“I knew a girl who had one. Now she’s married and has twins and has a pretty decent job in a small town.

Pretty surprising since she used to be wild, partied all the time and cheated a bunch on her boyfriend now husband.”

11. Sister.

“My sister has one. She’s alright though.

Just had her second kid and looks after old people for a living.”

12. Double duty.

“I got a mustache on one finger and a soul patch on the other around this time. And I did that because I wanted at least one terrible tattoo (life goals!). They have faded slightly but are still very visible. I never think about them.

Very rarely somebody will ask and I will give them the mustache and soul patch salute. They are fun. I have my regrettable tattoos and I love them.”

Did you get one of those tattoos on your finger?

If you did, tell us what you’re up to now.

We can’t wait to hear from you!