12 People Who Learned Their Partners Had Secrets – After They Had Tied the Knot

If you’re someone who is shy or worried or paranoid about tying your oxen to another person’s yoke, so to speak, well, this might not be the thread for you.

Because some of these people found out the love of their life had been keeping a pretty huge secret – one that should have definitely been disclosed before they tied the knot.

12. Well they don’t have that in common.

My husband pretended to like hardcore & punk music the entire time we were dating.

Turns out, he’s not actually a fan. :/

11. I do not like this story.

My father has HORRIBLE gas. Like, every one has sulfur, spoiled milk, and a “rotten-watermelon-left-in-a-car-in-Florida-in-July” smell to it.

My stepmother had no idea about it until 3 weeks after they were married since she had gotten rid of her cat for him, and he had nothing else to blame the smell on anymore.

10. And I do not like this reply.

That she’s from Iran.

9. Wait, doesn’t everyone?

How much she f*cking LOVED cheese cake.

8. That’s a stumper.

That my wife wanted to be a man.

7. Best to come clean up front.

not my wife, but me. I have a record and I was so embarrassed.

It’s all good now but she was rightfully pissed.

6. They never do seem to bring that up.

My ex hid the fact that everything he told me was a lie (and he lied about really stupid stuff), told me his first wife cheated on him, etc.

Oh, he neglected to mention he was a serial cheater, narcissistic & a sociopath.

5. Is this real life?

That she was a witch. Bit of a nasty shock for me! It all worked out in the end, and we now have a son.

He has a tendency to blow things up, but he’s a good lad.

4.  That’s a tough one.

Found out my wife had picked up smoking cigarettes. I told her I would break up with her if she started (my grandmother died of emphysema a year before we met) and I found a pack on our honeymoon!

Needless to say I was pissed. She is trying to switch to ecigs now after 3 years.

Trying to be supportive.

3. I hope she gets through this.

Husband#1- that he was abusive (every way) until the night of our honeymoon and that he controlled everything and I was his property, pulled me away from family, friends, etc. got married young at 18, pregnant on honeymoon, stayed with for years, finally divorces him and he took my kid away from me and I haven’t seen her since she was 5 and I am still afraid of him, she’s 16 now and I am about to take a short leap off a high bridge cause of the emotional baggage this all causes me (psychiatric I should say, and I do see someone). I don’t know what he’s told her about me, and I am afraid she’s goings to reject me. (He never abused my child). I have so many regrets.

But, hey, I survived the first marriage right? Cause I was stupid enough not to press charges or do anything about it because I feared him and I am still afraid of him. But, personally, I would rather be abused and been with my kid a few more years or days than feel like this.

On a side note, I know domestic assault can be from a man or a woman and I hope people have the courage to speak up so they aren’t planning their final demise like me. Be strong!

Current husband, he knew the baggage from the first marriage coming in, but I hid from him the extent, horrible details, and that I was going to become more and more of an emotional wreck (like waking up screaming at night).

2. Bets on whether or not they are still together?

That she pulled the goalie and thus we got pregnant on our honeymoon or the week after.
Honorable mention: 2 weeks before we married, I uncovered that she needed her teeth replaced because she had the worst bulimia the dentist had ever seen.

At the same time, I found out that she had another credit card that I did not know about. In my first month of marriage, I wrote a check for about 30k to creditors.

1. What a keeper.

That he loves cats like a crazy old cat lady who lives alone and dresses her cats in bonnets and puts them in a baby carriage.

He’s such a suck with them too, he lets them get away with murder. It’d be Planet of The Apes but with cats if I wasn’t around to police him and those furry buggers

Do not do this, my friends. If someone loves you, they will love you regardless – and if they don’t, no lying is going to fix it.

Very good advice, I swear.