12 People Who Stumbled on Amazing Little Bits of History

Who doesn’t love the idea of going about our business on any given day and stumbling across something super cool, a little slice of life that makes us feel connected to the people around us – or those who came before us?

I know I do, and I’m always on the lookout for stuff like this. Even so, I don’t think I’ve ever found anything as cool as these 12 people did when they weren’t even trying – except for that one time I found a paper in my grandparent’s house from the day JFK was shot.

That was pretty awesome.

12. This just made me smile.

Purchased an old poetry book at a flea market and found this receipt for a college poetry class. This receipt has been in this book for 102 years! -Dogspokerpolitics

Image Credit: The Chive

11. Kind of makes you wonder why they hid it, no?

I found this book from 1892 inside a hole in the wall of my rental flat. -Unknown

Image Credit: The Chive

10. Is this…a dog baby announcement?

Found on the floor of a target. Meet Carla Rose. -Thorinandco

Image Credit: The Chive

9. Just a little word to the wise.

Found (under) Wallpaper. -therankin

Image Credit: The Chive

8. I hope they eventually did.

“no. not yet.” ~ Found in 1908 high school geometry textbook. -drewfuss99

Image Credit: The Chive

7. Old letters are just so romantic.

Garage Sale Find (1929) – about 100 love letters over two years from a guy in Seattle to a girl in Aberdeen, WA. -Braunnoser

Image Credit: The Chive

6. Damn the man.

This dollar bill I found in my change. -bamboo_robot

Image Credit: The Chive

5. This doesn’t seem like an event I’d like to attend.

This came out of a book I was flipping through. -Urban_Archeologist

Image Credit: The Chive

4. A jackpot in the attic.

Bought an abandoned house and found this in the attic. -apatheticweasel

Image Credit: The Chive

3. If poles could talk.

“I remember that old pole.” -DazedAndConfused0112

Image Credit: The Chive

2. Someday he’ll leave it for someone else.

Found this on the street in downtown SD about 4 years ago when i needed it most. It’s been in my wallet ever since. -littleppdp

Image Credit: The Chive

1. This put a lump in my throat.

Just found this $1 bill at my parents house. When I was 6 years old I made this bet with my father, he died 2 months later. 25 years to the day I find this….had no idea a $1 bill could feel so valuable. -orangecrush44

Image Credit: The Chive

I hope something like this happens to me someday. Fingers crossed!

If you’ve ever found anything super cool or touching on accident, tell us about it in the comments!