People Are Cleaning Out Their Freezers And Sharing All The Really Old Items They Found

Image Credit: Twitter

Cleaning out an area of one’s house that hasn’t been purged in a while always comes with some sort of discovery. It could be nostalgic, it could be smelly, it could be something you’d given up looking for months or years before…but cleaning out one’s freezer is always particularly harrowing.

There’s always something lurking at the bottom that you’ve forgotten every existed, right?

And these 12 people’s freezers and cabinets really took their hoarding to the extreme!

12. They sell stuff like that in way too big of bottles.

You literally need it like one time!

11. Alls well that ends well, I suppose.

It would have been a different tale had everyone gotten violently ill.

10. Wait, doesn’t rice last forever?

I guess now we’ll never know.

9. No one will ever drink those.

Except maybe he did, to be polite.

8. There’s a reason that got tossed in the freezer.

They “forgot about it,” sure.

7. She was going to eat that…eventually.

That is just wrong, y’all.

6. Idk those look like they might be okay.

Or maybe spring rolls just sound good right now.

5. I’m pretty sure the whole point of SPAM is that it lasts forever.

So you needn’t throw it out.

4. That’s a lot of Christmases that good pudding went to waste.

What a shame.

3. Oh my goodness this is sooooo much nope.

I have no idea why this is a thing people would eat when it’s fresh.

2. I’d eat those, let’s be honest.

It’s just baking supplies.

1. I would have used it.

What in it could go bad, exactly?

Those freezers probably weren’t happy having to give up those goods after decades!

I think the people who shrugged and went ahead and ate it are my favorite. Those brave souls. Bless.