12 Pictures That Prove Americans Have No Idea What To Do During A Pandemic

Image Credit: Twitter

There are some situations where Americans thrive – natural disasters, any kind of war, or rescuing our neighbors’ pets from the street, for example – but if the pandemic created by COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that we really need to work on our crisis response when it comes to disease.

Because y’all. There is some weird stuff going on out there.

Don’t believe me? These 12 pictures are 100% backing me up, so scroll down!

12. There was a run on ground turkey at my store.

11. Huge family? Donating milk? Witches who have figured out how to make it keep?

10. You don’t HAVE to, but COULD you?

9. That is a LOT of eggs.

8. I’m pretty sure no one else wants that.

7. We have different definitions of “essential,” I suppose.

6. We’re quarantined together. You might need to be prepared to deal with a murder, idk.

5. Who will think of the birds?!

4. HOW are they going to drink it all?

3. It would be a bad time to run out, just sayin.

2. $10 says he’s got the whiskey to go with it at home.

1. Maybe he’s related to an Iowa farmer?

I can only hope we’re going to learn from these lessons and be better prepared in the future!

How are you preparing? What weird stuff are you seeing in your town?

We want to hear about it in the comments!