12+ Problems You’ll Only Understand If You Live in Europe

Image Credit: Pixabay

There are tons of posts out there hilariously nailing typical American problems, but these 12+ issues are unique to Europe – it’s about time they took their turn in the spotlight!

#15. Skinny people only.

Small roads. Dunno if this is just England. But my street can only fit one car and a skinny person and the MAIN road, outside it, can barely squeeze a bus and a big van.

#14. Happened to me.

Studying a few months in a neighboring country, falling in love, getting married and suddenly having a bunch of relatives you can’t talk to. Happens very quickly here. Happened to me.

#13. Adapting.

Popping over to your friend in the next country over only to find out they have the wrong configuration of 2/3 pins only to have to quickly drive back over the border to pick up your adapter so you can charge your phone.

#12. Still bitter.

The wrong song representing your country in Eurovision. Still bitter.

#11. Not speaking in online games.

People not speaking in online games since they don’t speak english as their first language and are insecure about it.

#10. Netflix content.

different Netflix content when you change country

#9. Still part of the Soviet Union.

Having a website in russian language automatically because some people still think your country is part of soviet union.

#8. Dead body storage.

Having to dig massive catacombs under cities to store all the dead bodies

#7. No cool stamps.

Not getting any cool stamps in the passport when travelling through Europe

#6. Living in the Balkans.

Having a war every 20 years or so​

-sincerely, someone living in the Balkans

#5. WWII left some exciting treasures.

Problem of Germany and most likely London and the area around. (Can’t tell for other countries; so not sure if it counts but I am pretty confident that besides Spain every country has this problem to some extent) Having to plan for bomb defusal whenever there is a bigger excavation in or near any bigger city. WW2 left some exciting treasures to search for.

#4. Not being sure exactly what country you’re in sometimes.

Not being sure of exactly what country you’re in sometimes, when you’re driving through some border regions. Taking a detour through Germany or France depending on traffic conditions.

#3. Sh*tty Viking raids.

Spending 3 hours driving to another country because the soda, candy and alcohol is cheaper and filling entire trailers and cars with it. Everyone who lives in Denmark on Jutland takes roadtrip over the border to Germany shopping at places like Kalle and Fleggaard, and stockpile huge amounts of soda, food and alcohol so that they have enough for months or years to come. It’s basically just shitty Viking raids

#2. Despite all the data mining.

Despite all the data mining Google will still suggest me website in German eventough it knows that I only speak French. Edit : yes I also speak English but on local websites there is either French or German so the website will automatically set the German option despite my location being in the French speaking part of my country.

#1. Often expected.

It’s often expected that you need to learn your native language, English, and frequently one more language to a good level.

Edit: I want to thank everyone who took their time to reply! It’s been fascinating reading all your comments about the cultures of your countries growing up!

None of that makes me want to visit again any less!