12 Reasons Why HBO’s “Chernobyl” Will Be Your New Obsession

Image Credit: HBO

Chernobyl is only 5 episodes long, it’s based on real-life events, and it’s the highest-rated television show ever on IMDB.

If those 3 reasons don’t convince you to watch, well…here are 12 more!

12. The ensemble cast is amazing

Image Credit: HBO

There’s no star of this show, which means we get to see how the disaster affected a wide range of people in different stages of “in the know.”

11. The production is flawless

Image Credit: HBO

From the direction and writing to the special effects and cinematography, Chernobyl is shot with as much care as any top-tier film.

10. Exhaustive research means the details are historically accurate

Image Credit: HBO

Screenwriter Craig Mazin tapped all sorts of resources while writing, including conversations with scientists, written testimonies, and published historical research.

9. Every character is compelling

Image Credit: HBO

You won’t have a favorite or someone you can universally root against – which means it’s as close to real life as it can get.

8. The critics love it

Image Credit: HBO

It’s 96% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes speaks for itself.

7. The truth of the story is legitimately terrifying

Image Credit: HBO

Chernobyl may not be classic horror, but considering the show chronicles real life events, it’s plenty scary.

If you’re not completely enraged by the end of it and asking yourself, “How could they just let all those people die needlessly?” …well, maybe see a therapist?

6. Like most history, it’s relevant

Image Credit: HBO

It might have happened in 1986, but the deep-dive into how unprepared governments can be to take on major incidents is so relevant even to this day.

Also, how tempting it can be to cover up mistakes feels equally (and painfully) relevant.

Will we ever learn?

5. The performances are award-worthy

Image Credit: HBO

You’ll have to take my word for it until award season arrives, but the case is top to bottom brilliant.

There’s not a single false or questionable performance in the bunch.

This show will run away with the Emmys. Guaranteed.

4. It’s a masterclass in building tension

Image Credit: HBO

It’s constantly winding you up to one new, horrible crescendo after another.

And, like the people who lived through it, none of us get a break. It just keeps going and going and going.

3. It has a feminist agenda

Image Credit: HBO

More than one woman is shown getting dismissed even though they know more than the man in charge.

Yeah, it’s infuriating, but there is some justice in the end.

2. You might learn a thing or two

Image Credit: HBO

Not only will you learn a bit about history, you might find yourself more knowledgable about radiation and physics while you’re at it.

No, hold that… you WILL know more about radiation and physics after you’re done watching it.

1. It’s a work of art

Image Credit: HBO

Every moment of every episode feels intentional and fully-realized, and the result makes it hard to look away from even the most horrible of scenes.

Seriously, just find a friend who hasn’t cancelled their HBO Go subscription yet and WATCH IT!