12 Secrets That Would Ruin Lives if They Got Out

If you’re keeping a secret that could ruin one or more lives if it got out, that’s a lot to carry on your shoulders – because you should know that, one day, it’s probably going to get out.

That’s science.

These 12 people are carrying huge secrets on other people for one reason or another, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t envy them at all.

12. It’s probably for the best.

My grandfather thinks that my cousin moved to Rome last year to live with her partner, he is very unstable mentally and lives in full time care. In reality, my cousin comitted suicide last January, my family lied to my grandfather in fear of what he might do (to both himself and others) if he found out.

All of the care home staff are in on the lie and my aunt and uncle send him fake letters/postcards from her every few months to maintain it.

11. That’s just awful.

My sister is bi.

If my parents find out, they’ll take everything she has and pretty much leave her on her own.

10. She needs to let him go.

My friend has been cheating on his girlfriend of 3 years with a dude and has been regularly having threesomes.

This would totally destroy his life because he lives with his girlfriend and works for her (she’s his manager). He’d be jobless and out on the streets if she ever found out.

Wouldn’t be surprised if he gets burned when he’s playing with fire this extensively.

9. I don’t know what to think.

My best friend’s kid isn’t actually her or her husband’s biological kid, he is biological kid of her sister. It was an unexpected pregnancy which would’ve been terminated but my best friend and her husband had been trying for a baby for years but had infertility issues so they made an agreement for the pregnancy to go through and finally adopt the baby.

The kid doesn’t know that his aunt is his biological mother, he’s a loved and happy 16 y/o now.

8. I’m guessing birth control access is limited, too.

One of my wifes cousins has had about 7 abortions. One abortion could leave to a death penalty in their country.

7. Someone call the police.

my ex killed a homeless man that tried to rob him in “self defense”. i don’t know who else he told but the victim’s death was never investigated as far as he knows

6. Do it now.

My cousin molested me as a child.

He’s now (as far as I knew last) a Sargent in the Canadian armed forces. Once my dad dies I’m filing a police report and will ruin his life.

5. It’s not a bad philosophy.

Friend is in love with best friends girlfriend. Like deeply in love. And he has his own girlfriend.

I don’t ask. They’re some of my only friends but I question the life choices they make which makes it hard to be friends with them sometimes…I guess a good friend just accepts you for who you are regardless and if it’s too much, you just don’t be friends.

That’s what personal history has taught me at least.

4. Not your circus.

A guy tried to cheat on his then girlfriend with me the night before he flew out to India to meet her family. They are now married and he blocked me on social media- think he was nervous I’d tell her or something. But that ain’t my mess to deal with.

3. She did her best.

My Mother told me my father died hunting accident it was Suicide found out 58 years later in her will.

Honestly it might not seem like it but keeping that from you was probably the right choice. Knowing things like that can really fuck with your perspective when growing up.

2. Not worth lying for, that’s for sure.

A guy I know has a court date coming up for a DUI and child endangerment, along with 3 other charges stemming from both. I’m his best shot at being found not guilty, but I’m also the one that could bury him.

I told him not to have any investigators come to the house, because if he does ( because he keeps bringing my name up ), I will bury him because I will not lie to cover his own a$$.

1. I hate him.

my boss bought a car for his mistress….. his wife saving money to buy a house….

I hope it’s a long time before I have a secret like this – or even never.

What’s the biggest secret you’ve ever kept? Share it with us in the comments!