12 Signs People Made That Hilariously Trolled Protestors


Freedom of speech is one of the cornerstones on which the United States is built. And sure, things have been a bit wobbly lately, but even if it is a little cracked, we’ve still got it.

Which is exactly what these sign-toting patriots proved when they took to the streets to oppose other people who have taken to the streets…because what could be more American than that?

12. An advertisement for how to be awesome

11. Given the spelling error combined with the sign, the guy has a rock-solid argument

Photo Credit: Reddit,callmejuliette

10. Sick burn. Lol.

Photo Credit: Reddit,LeCarpeDiem

9. Even this kid is standing on his principles

Photo Credit: Reddit,FYMT

8. Troll Level: Expert

Photo Credit: Reddit,12thandDee

7. The guy with the yellow sign’s face though…

6. Now that’s a cause everyone can get behind, amirite?

Photo Credit: Reddit/stratola

5.  It’s cool

Photo Credit: Reddit

4. When it’s true, it’s true

Photo Credit: Reddit,schwanky

3. Stop premature everything!

2. Hey! That looks like MY agenda!

Photo Credit: Instagram,aaronm1981

1. There’s never cake

Photo Credit: Reddit,haveitall

h/t: Bored Panda

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