12 Things You Can Do To Help Your Peace Of Mind

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If there’s one thing I know for sure makes me feel better when I’m having a rough day, it’s the knowledge that making someone else’s little day bit less crappy than mine has been.

It can be tough to come up with simple ways to do that, though, right?

If you’re looking for ways to brighten the days of strangers, here are 12 things that can help you feel a bit more peace about the world.

12. Pass along some self care.

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We all need to take a little more time for ourselves, but many of us just don’t get around to it.

Slip your friend a bag of tea, invite her for a day at the spa, or offer to take her kids to the playground so she can enjoy a peaceful bath.

Any or all will likely be appreciated!

11. Pay it forward.

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If you’re in line for a morning cup of Joe, why not offer to pay for the next person’s in line, too?

They might pass it along or they might not, but either way, a kindness from a stranger will surely impact their day.

10. Fist-bump a parent.

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Parenting is hard no matter the age of the kids, so the next time you see a mom or dad struggling to keep their children in line at Target, catch their eye and give them a nod of solidarity.

We all need that little boost of confidence sometimes.

9. Write a note.

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It’s super easy to keep a pad of sticky notes in your bag or car, and then you can leave inspirational pictures or notes wherever you please.

Whether it’s a window of a car or a mirror in a public bathroom, pick-me-ups are always appreciated.

8. Offer to take a photo.

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If you see someone trying to take a selfie or one person in a group stepping out to take pictures of the others, stop and offer to take one of the group.

I know I always appreciate this when someone does it for me!

7. Plant a tree.

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I mean, it might not save the planet per se, but a few more trees aren’t going to hurt anything.

Not to mention that it always makes me feel good to get my hands in the dirt.

6. Drop reading material in your wake.

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Instead of throwing away magazines you’ve finished or taking a read paperback home just to toss it in a box, leave it where you finished it.

The next person on the airplane or in your seat at the nail salon will probably be super thankful.

Alternatively, you could give them to the flight attendant or nail tech, who might enjoy them as well!

5. Assist the elderly.

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If you’ve got elderly neighbors, check in on them often, and not just in extreme weather situations.

They could need a hand bringing in groceries or taking their trash to and from the curb – or, most likely, they just might like to have a chat.

4. Forgive a debt.

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Money can be a festering splinter between friends and family, which is why people suggest you don’t loan it to those you know best.

If you can afford it, forgive the debts of people you know and people you don’t, but who you know are struggling. Money is a huge stress to relieve if you can.

3. Pick up some treats.

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Literally everyone in the world loves a donut, y’all, and bagels aren’t bad either.

Everyone at work will be delighted, grateful, and possibly even more motivated after some morning sugar.

2. Call your parents.

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Your parents, your grandparents – these people poured years of love and attention into your life out of theirs, so don’t forget to let them know how you’re doing.

Regular chats are even better.

1. A helping hand on a snowy day.

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If you’re already outside, freezing and wet, you might as well put your numb fingers to good use.

Clean your car and then grab the couple next to yours, too. Neighbors or coworkers or strangers, they’ll all have a better day because of it.

I’m definitely going to try some of these myself – it can’t hurt, right?

How do you help other people while you’re going about you day? We’d love more ideas in the comments!