You Can Tell by the Price Tag If Something Is Being Discontinued — 12 Things About Shopping at Costco

Photo Credit: Pixabay

If you’re someone who has a warehouse membership and doesn’t look forward to your monthly (or quarterly) trip to Costco, I’m not sure what or who stole your joy.

I mean, as long as it’s not crazy busy and the lines aren’t to the back of the store…what’s not to love?

You probably love it so much you can’t get enough, and so these 12 things should definitely be in your back pocket before you make you next trip through the aisles.

12. You can sneak your friends in a couple of different ways.

You can bring up to two guests with you on a shopping trip – most people know that – but you can also buy and refill a Costco Cash Card and give it to a friend.

With it, they can spend store credit without having a membership.

11. If you hear a bell ringing, go running.


If a bell rings in the Costco deli it means there’s a fresh batch of their famous cooked rotisserie chicken – and it’s totally worth the sprint.

10. Their markup is relatively low.

Supermarkets jack up prices, especially on meats, by around 30%.

Costco keeps their markups on all products less than 15%, with an average of 10.6%.

9. You can tell by the price tag if something you love is being discontinued.


If you see an asterisk in the upper right hand corner of a price tag, it means your location isn’t going to reorder the item.

Consider if your signal to buy more than one!

8. All Kirkland products are not made equally.

Kirkland is the Costco store brand, and even though all of the products are affordable, not all of them boast the same quality.

The best bets are bacon and maple syrup, and you should avoid the coffee and dishwasher gel packs.

7. No, there’s not more “in the back.”


Costco is a true warehouse – there’s no additional storage, so what you see on the shelves is what’s available.

6. There’s a “best way” to work your way through the store.

The best deals are found deeper in the store, and the heart of the store – “center court,” if you’re in the know – is the place to begin. Start at the center and work your way toward the back.

The stuff at the front have the highest markup, so only grab what you absolutely want.

5. It’s a no-fly zone for coupons.


Costco doesn’t accept manufacturers’ coupons and they don’t negotiate lower deals. They do have warehouse savings books, if you want a better deal.

4. Soda is often not the best deal.

When your local grocery stores run deals on soda (aka pop or coke), they’re usually better than what you can find at Costco.

The best advice is to really stock up in bulk from them when you can.

3. They sell really reasonable caskets.


Many people don’t have the cash to buy a $2-$3k coffin when a loved one dies unexpectedly. Costco is there for you, selling steel caskets for as little as $950that can be shipped to 36 states and D.C.

2. Request a “chub” of beef.

It sounds a little weird and maybe dirty, but if you request your ground beef to be sealed in a plastic tube that looks like a huge hotdog, they’ll sell it to you at a discount.

The packaging is much cheaper than the typical foam box and clear plastic top.

1. Order your pizza on the way in.


If they’re busy, you could have to wait 20-25 minutes for a fresh pizza. Do yourself a favor and order it as you go in, do your shopping, and then grab it on your way out!

Everyone loves secrets, and deals, and being in the know, right? I’m feeling amped up for my next run!

Did you learn anything? Do you already shop at Costco? What’s your favorite thing about it? Tell us in the comments!