12 Times Good Doggos Went Hilariously Bad

We know that every puppy in the world is the absolute best girl or boy and deserve all of the good things that life has to give, right?

We also know that this goes even when they make some bad choices, because it was obviously because they missed us or we messed up, not because they’re inherently naughty.

I know you agree with me, and I also know you love to laugh at other people’s misfortune, so here are 12 dogs who are going to need some forgiveness, asap.

12. At least there will be more to come.

Let the dog have a few.

My dog ate four tomatoes off my very first tomato plant. These are what’s left.
by inWellthatsucks

11. I hope this wasn’t coffee.

That would compound the tragedy.

My dog launched her foot off my unopened drink on her way out the car
byu/chashu_bao inWellthatsucks

10. Welp, so much for those.

How do they always find the most expensive things??

Came home and my ADULT dog chewed AirPods I bought a few months ago
byu/mindsofaraway inWellthatsucks

9. They’re literally just eating money now.

He’s going to poo some of it out, too.

Dog ate 100 dollars after a I feel asleep
byu/ChickenBanditz inWellthatsucks

8. She obviously needs to look outside.

Why didn’t you just leave the blinds open!

My dog broke my blinds just so she can do this…
byu/YourWarDaddy inWellthatsucks

7. This is an actual nightmare.

These stories are the reason I don’t own a Roomba.

My brand new Roomba ran over my puppy’s shit and proceeded to “clean” the rest of my home.
byu/screamicide inWellthatsucks

6. And another one.

Y’all, just say no.

My dog decided to diarrhea on our white carpet…and then the Roomba got it
byu/kfc469 inWellthatsucks

5. It had to be a blue pen.

I mean I’m not sure what color would be good.

My dogs decided to eat a pen today…
byu/afk1984 inWellthatsucks

4. I bet it worked.

He’s lucky he didn’t get hurt, poor boy.

My dog broke our picture window while trying to scare off the mailman
byu/mika123 inWellthatsucks

3. Well that didn’t work.

But that’s not going to stop him from trying.

I thought the kitchen floor would be the ideal place to bury my bone
byu/papioharry indogshaming

2. Two minutes, y’all.

That’s impressive.

I’ve left her 2 minutes alone
byu/st1nkf1st indogshaming

1. Eh, those things are basically superfluous these days.

You can just use your phone!

Dog decided my expensive remote was a chew toy.
byu/thelastskookum inWellthatsucks

Y’all these pictures give me anxiety, because obviously this could happen to us at any time.

What’s the worst/funniest thing your dog has done? Please tell us the story in the comments!