12 Of The Best Insults From ‘The Golden Girls’

Image Credit: Hallmark Channel

There are a few reasons why The Golden Girls is one of those timeless television shows, but I would argue that the ladies’ lack of concern for propriety or tact when one of them needs to hear the truth is a big one.

Whether it’s the girls giving Blanche a hard time about her promiscuity, or Sophia giving…everyone an earful of the truth whether they want it or not, these 12 insults from the show are brutal.

And also hilarious.

#12. Nobody throws shade like Sophia.

#11. And again.

#10. Like mother, like daughter.

#9. It’s good when you can admit you’re wrong.

#8. That look in response, though.

#7. I’m just realizing that there was a fair amount of slut shaming on this show.

#6. When it sounds like a compliment. But…

#5. Dorothy can dish it out…

#4. And she can take it.

#3. The only people who weighed 98 lbs in college were the ones who could afford more than Ramen noodles and pizza.

#2. Your best friends are the ones who don’t let you get away with anything.

#1. You had to see this one coming.

h/t: Buzzfeed

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