12 Times People Were Entitled and Had Completely Unreasonable Requests

Nobody enjoys having to walk on eggshells for difficult people – but sometimes, that’s what you have to do in order to keep the peace.

Well, these 12 entitled people take enabling to a whole new level.

Accommodating their crazy requests is like walking through a minefield – one wrong move is all it takes for them to blow up.

Prepare yourself for some of the most gear-grinding, anxiety-inducing memes.

1. Not even close to a fair deal

In what world would leaving a review convince a restaurant to give someone free garlic bread?

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

2. Seriously?

I just don’t even know how people walk through the world with this much misplaced confidence.

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3. That’s basically stealing

Here’s the thing about borrowing stuff – you have to actually give what you borrowed back.

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4. Wow, just wow

Beggars can’t be choosers, but apparently this person doesn’t care.

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

5. Is this kidnapping?

Or maybe… kit-napping?

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6. Okay, lower your expectations

It’s really upsetting that there are people like this out there in the world.

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7. Sometimes you have to just walk away

Even if you decide to act out of the kindness of your heart – that still won’t be good enough for some people.

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8. This person wants a professional service done for FREE?

Sorry folks, but you have to start paying people for their work.

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9. Don’t be stingy, now

It’s not cool to try to work around orders like this.

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10. Oh no

That’s just really manipulative.

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11. This one just doesn’t make sense

It’s already free! What more could you possibly need?

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12. Please make it stop

Ah, yes. I’ll just have someone clean my entire house and pay my water bill by cutting into their check. That totally makes sense.

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Wow, going through all of that gave me some serious jaw tension. Some people are just so self-centered – it’s wild how they never manage to think of anyone but themselves.

What are some moments of crazy entitlement that you’ve seen?

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