12 Tons of Liquid Milk Chocolate Spilled onto a Polish Highway

Photo Credit: Mashable/AP

It sounds like a dream come true for my 7-year-old self: a truck carrying 12 tons of liquid milk chocolate had an accident on a Polish highway recently, and ended up spilling all of that chocolate onto the road.

While that sounds like a delicious problem to have, not long after it spilled, the chocolate started to harden onto the asphalt, making cleanup a much more difficult task.

The New York Times reported that the way to tackle a mess like this is to spray the whole area with lots of hot water to melt the chocolate to a point where it can be hosed away…a process that takes several hours, which commuters were undoubtedly super psyched about.

The truck driver was hospitalized with minor injuries, but thankfully no one else was hurt… other than the pain of losing 12 tons of delicious milk chocolate that could have been in our bellies.

h/t: Mashable

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