12 Treats From Your Childhood You Might Not Realize Were Discontinued

Nothing takes us back to our childhood like our favorite snacks and beverages. Memories are made while celebrating a win over Capri Sun and Otter Pops or trading Cheetos for Ho-Hos at lunch time.

But not all snack foods were made to stand the test of time. You might recognize these 12 treats from your childhood that have actually been discontinued.

1. The new and improved lollipop:

Maybe this one is better off staying in the past.

Image Credit: BuzzFeed

2. But these MUST be brought back:

The only Altoids worth eating.

3. How could they ever go?

Reeses in all shapes and sizes are unquestionably delicious.

Image Credit: BuzzFeed

4. RIP Orange Slice

Orange you grateful for all the memories we shared?

Image Credit: BuzzFeed

5. What an awful trick!

Talk about sLIMEy…

6. Quick, enjoy this Nesquik cereal!

Oops, too late, it’s discontinued.

Image Credit: BuzzFeed

7. This is almost cruel:

At first they seem like regular Skittles, but THEN…

Image Credit: BuzzFeed

8. Everything is better in 3D:

Top marks for crunch factor and mouth feel.

9. The perfect stocking stuffer:

Or spicy pick me up!

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10. You’d BUTTER not forget:

The simple joy of Butterfinger BB’s.

Image Credit: BuzzFeed

11. We’ll leave this snack in the stone age:

Don’t worry, Flintstone vitamins will never go extinct.

Image Credit: BuzzFeed

12. Milk-sippin’ fun!

Whatever fruits your loops, man.

Image Credit: BuzzFeed

We’re sad to see them go, but we’re glad we got to enjoy these snacks while they were still around.

So maybe Hubba Bubba Squeeze Pops were never meant to be long for this world, but why on Earth were Reeses Peanut Butter Cup bites ever discontinued?! Who doesn’t want more peanut butter goodness per bite?

Do you have a favorite snack from your childhood? Tell us about it in the comments!