12 Tweets People Shared That Have Over 1 Million Hearts

Photo Credit: Twitter, @coleshinsky

The Twitter-verse is booming with Tweets that have surpassed the viral milestone of over 1,000,000 likes! It’s no small feat, so if you have a few minutes, take a look at these awesome tweets.

People definitely seem to like ’em…

12. This is why dogs rock

11. Mariah Carey wins the #BottleTopChallenge

10. All the feels

9. Grandfather goals! What a guy!

8. This cat likes to cuddle…um…suffocate his human

7. Best prank ever!

6. Embrace the ones you love. Coffee mugs and all.

5. I can’t even…

4. Where is Alfred Hitchcock when you need him?

3. Kitchen floor? CHECK! Dish detergent? CHECK! Transforming your kitchen into a home gym? CHECK!

2. BTS dancing to “Bad Guy”. Hilarious.

1. Wendy’s keeping it real. Gimme dem Nuggets!

What can I say? People love spicy nuggets!