12 Well-Worn and Well-Loved Items Find Their Perfect Replacements

There’s nothing quite like the panic that can seize a person when they realize an item they’ve loved unconditionally and well for many years is beginning to show signs of ending its life.

It’s wearing out, wearing thin, and soon it will be time to replace it – but how? With what? How will we go on?

If you’re the sort of person who worries about such things, you’ll likely find solace in Reddit’s Well Worn page – where people display the perfect replacements they’ve found for some of their most well-worn, well-loved things.

12. Why change a good thing?

You find favorite shoes and you wear them out.

Image Credit: Reddit

11. Two years in with a pair of work gloves.

That’s a hardworking person right there.

Image Credit: Reddit

10. One year in work boots.

That’s a hard-working person right there.

Image Credit: Reddit

9. When you find a good one you stick with it.

You never know if another sort will do.

Image Credit: Reddit

8. Hey, there are words on it!

Who knew?

Image Credit: Reddit

7. I mean, ew.

Not judging. Just going to check my own now.

Image Credit: Reddit

6. Every day use for a year.

Working in a restaurant kitchen is no joke.

Image Credit: Reddit

5. Someone has spent a lot of time in the garden.

Those plants are going to miss you.

Image Credit: Reddit

4. Were those other ones white?

I need to know.

Image Credit: Reddit

3. Hard to believe.

I wish they’d said how long they’d had the old one.

Image Credit: Reddit

2. Six months on the head of a crime scene cleaner.

I would like to buy this person a drink and hear their stories.

Image Credit: Reddit

1. Man, what was holding that shoelace together?

A prayer?

Image Credit: Reddit

These pictures are just so satisfying, don’t you think?

What’s an item you’ve had a hard time replacing? Share with us in the comments!