12 Wholesome Posts People Shared Because The Worlds Needs Good News

©Unsplash,Dayne Topkin

This is a very tough time we’re experiencing and we need to remind ourselves what’s really important in life.

It’s not big houses, a lot of money, and fancy, material things.

It’s family, friends, being a good citizen, and being kind to EVERYONE.

People shared nice, wholesome interactions they’ve had lately that we think you’ll really enjoy.

1. A nice, unexpected gesture.

From a total stranger.

2. That’s what brothers do.

Good work on his part.

3. Meet James!

A cute little fella!

4. Helping each other out.

“It made me tear up.”

5. A sweet guy.

Hang on to this one!

6. What a nice surprise!

And congrats on your accomplishment!

7. Way to go, Dad!

Dads sure are the best, aren’t they?

8. Breakfast in bed.

And he’s doing it the right way.

9. The AAA guy coming through.

There are a lot of good folks out there.

10. He did it for you.

And what a cute pooch!

11. I love doing this!

Out on the open road.

12. They’re doing great work!

Hats off to them!

These posts are all a nice reminder of how we should be treating each other right now.

And that means your loved ones AND strangers.

Just be kind to each other. It feels good and it’s the right thing to do.

Be safe out there and remember to stay healthy!